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Saturday, May 26, 2012

We Walk This Way Often

A walk around our favorite neighborhood lake is a frequent trip we take.  Of course, I include it as part of our PE hours and much-needed exercise and break for me.  But, something more exciting happens on these walks.

It is around this lake, like many enjoy around their dining room table, where I hear any and everything that is important to my children.

One walk begins with my son talking about Disney games online.

Another walk ends with a talk about my daughter's dance recital.

We've talked about God's creation, Bible verses, why birds live inside a dead tree that the city never cuts down, how the lake shimmers in the sunlight as if its sparkling and any and every topic that comes to mind.

Yes, I am often left with eyes glazed over and wishing I could just enjoy some silence while taking in God's beautiful creation.  But, there is nothing I would give to trade in the memories and relationships we are building on our pathway walks around this lake.

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