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Friday, January 4, 2013

Grammar Lessons From An Arby's Logo Change

Yesterday I took the kids to Arby's for lunch.  While we were eating, my son piped up and started talking about Arby's new logo.  Apparently, Arby's has changed their logo though the old logo was on our sandwich wrappers and French fries containers while the new logo was on our cups.

Me, I tend to never notice these subtle changes.  My son, however, notices them all in graphic detail.

He went on about how the old logo was cool and that the new logo's letters were more simplified and somewhat blocked.

What struck me as humorous, with a certain amount of pride for introducing him to the English language, was his reaction to the logo change.

Here is what he said:

"I guess I don't mind if a company is going to change their logo to a more simplified almost babyish font in the letters.  But, it is a brand name.  This means that it should be capitalized."

And, this is what struck me as funny:  He went on to say,

I mean, come on people!  It's GRAMMAR here!
I know this is a very simple example, but even though we are still on break until Monday, my children still pick learning out of every encounter in a complete unschooling style.

This is my one child who argues with me about why he is required to learn from a textbook.  On most days, he alone is an argument for unschooling as I think I present the textbook format to him for my benefit.  Learning really doesn't stick with him unless he's done it on his own.

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