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Thursday, March 14, 2013

I Loved This Candy When I Was a Child

Maybe it was the sugar rush.

Maybe it was the colorful presentation.

It certainly wasn't the easy of eating them.

I don't know what it was about them, but when I was a kid I absolutely loved candy dots, as we called them.  The paper always stuck to the bottom of them when we peeled them off of their wrapping, but somehow it never deterred us from wanting more.

I haven't had a Candy Dot in years.  But, today when I was in Toys R Us, I saw that they not only had this retro candy, but they have it in JUMBO size wrapping.

Now, I look at them and am still drawn to the colorful palllette, but I also see sugar, sugar and nothing but sugar which makes me able to say no.

It's candy and products like this from our childhoods that cause fond memories to come rushing back in a hurry.

Suddenly, I am not a mom of three rapidly growing children.

Suddenly, I am not responsible for the education of anyone.

Suddenly, I am not the adult.

It pulls me back into a time when life was carefree and I had very little more to do with an afternoon but to sit and pick candy dots off of a paper backing.

As simple and as silly as this sounds, these are the kinds of memories I want for my children.

Oh, I don't want them to be picking through sticky unhealthy goo to have a good reminiscence.  However, I do want their childhoods to be filled with sweetness and with memories jamming their heads and hearts that one day come rushing back to them while walking their children through Toys R Us.

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