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Thursday, June 6, 2013

Introducing Buncee, A Site Where Educators Create and Help a Cause

I was asked to review a new website that allows you to create presentations and more.  The name of the site is buncee.com.

The CEO of buncee.com is Marie Arturi. She and her husband, Manny, lost their seven-month-old baby girl, Daniella, to a rare bone marrow failure disorder in 1996. Going through this agonizing pain sparked a passion in them to ensure that no other parent will have to experience the pain that they went through. They formed the Daniella Maria Arturi Foundation.

Then, two years ago, they created buncee.com with the hope of someday funding the foundation with the proceeds from the site. They want to ultimately fund research.

In the meantime, they want to help children learn creative skills that will give them a bright future their daughter never had.

Buncee.com is in its beta stage, which means it is currently free and under development.  It is also currently a completely functional site where you can create in so many ways.

The creators of the site are making educators aware of the benefits buncee.com has as a teaching tool. The site allows users to create content, lesson plans, projects, presentations, e-greetings, invitations with an RSVP, and just about anything creative that your artistic abilities will allow on the site.

For homeschoolers, buncee.com is a tool that allow students’ imagination to soar, while parents use it to present animated and picture-backgrounds, text, links, YouTube videos, and photos to things like lesson plans, create cartoons, or even scripture memory screens. It also assists in helping kids learn basic computer skills.

When you are done creating, buncee.com makes it easy to share on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or to email it to a friend.

Visit http//www.buncee.com/buncee/33191 to see an example of how you can use buncee.com

I sat down and quickly made a few creations.  I'm sure if I spent even more time with the site, I could make them look even more amazing.  But, I was impressed with how user friendly the site was, and how fast I came up with some nice-looking presentations.

Here's some of what I created with buncee.com:


I found it, not only easy to use, but enjoyable and somewhat addicting.  Check it out to see what you come up with!

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