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Thursday, June 20, 2013

My Homeschool Bus Visits The Chocolate Museum

Today My Homeschool Bus visits the Chocolate Museum in Burlington, WI.

We found out about the museum in a roundabout way.  My husband was looking for a way to spend my birthday.  He came up with the idea of going to my birth city, Burlington, IA.  The only thing is that we were planning on being in Wisconsin at that time of year, so he actually found a Burlington, WI.  Turned out, however, that to stay on my birthday would have been too expensive.  So, we visited on the way to Milwaukee when my daughter performed with her dance team.

Turns out that there is a Nestle factory in Burlington, WI.  They used to give tours of the factory to the public, but not any more.  Now, if you want to see chocolate on display in Burlington, you have to visit the Chocolate Museum.

The museum is small and located in the Burlington City Hall, and it's free!

We visited just a few days after their annual Chocolate Fest, so it was quieter than it had been the prior weekend.  But, we got to see some of the newest chocolate statue creations, including a couple carrying in their latest chocolate statues.

The Wizard of Oz, Follow The Yellow Brick Road in chocolate bars display.

Believe it or not, there was even a chocolate elephant for my elephant-loving girl!  It's unbelievable where these show up.

The kids with the mascot, Chocolate Morsel and our mascot, Peara.

This girl has always loved carousels, horses and chocolate!

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