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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

My Homeschool Bus Goes To The Jelly Belly Factory Tour

On the way to Milwaukee to watch our daughter perform with her dance studio, My Homeschool Bus stopped in on a field trip at the Jelly Belly Factory Warehouse in Pleasant Prairie, WI.

The actual factory is in California, but this is a huge warehouse that gives tours, located in Wisconsin.  We boarded a tram that took us through the warehouse and told a history of Jelly Belly.  Once we got past the first section, however, they wouldn't allow cameras.  So, I only captured a few to share, from the approved camera area:

Yes, that's our travel mascot, Peara, with legs (my daughter is holding her up to her face).

This is one of the artworks made from Jelly Belly candies.

This is as far as we could photograph.  That is the tram we boarded.

There are giant Jelly Belly replicas hanging from the ceiling.

My youngest holding our travel mascot, Peara.

They gave us all a hat and asked that we wear them.

There are many wonderful flavors of Jelly Bellies.  But, I will offer one word of advice:

If you tour the warehouse, be cautious of taking part in a game that the guy behind the sample desk asks for volunteers to participate in.

I thought I was volunteering for a fun, sweet sampling game, but it turned out that he took two identical-looking yellow Jelly Bellies and asked me and one other person to taste them.

One of them was buttered popcorn flavor
The other was rotten egg

Guess who got the rotten egg flavor?  Honestly, my tummy was more unhappy about it than my taste buds and told me about it for the rest of the evening.  YUK!!!!

Before Ronald Reagan was president, he loved Jelly Bellies and insisted that they be a part of all of his meetings.  During his campaign, the Jelly Belly company jumped on board and supplied red, white and blue Jelly Belly candies, which caught on in popularity and took off.

We learned a lot about the history of Jelly Belly.  We learned that it began in Bloomington, Illinois, not far from our home in Missouri.  We learned that the flavors are partially all natural.  However, the sugar-free variety contains sucralose.  The Jelly Belly candy began as jelly beans and transformed.

If you're ever in Pleasant Prairie, WI, I'd recommend stopping by Jelly Belly.  The tour is free, and at the end of the tour, we all got a special surprise sample packet of Jelly Belly candy.  Plus, there is a sample bar where you can taste test any other flavor you're curious about.  There is also a taste testing of their fudge.

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