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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Reborning Baby Dolls Teaches Art and Science

A few years ago I saw listings on eBay of dolls that had been painted and dressed to look like real-life newborn babies.  These pictures amazed me, because they looked very real.

I thought it would be fun to try, and because these doll works of arts sell for quite a bit of money, I thought perhaps I could make some extra spending cash.

Well, I was determined to give it a try without spending a lot of money to find out whether or not I was good at it.

I bought the heat-sealing paint, and I even picked up a miniature doll kit.  I also bought an instructional DVD and booklet and went to town, still however, determined to not spend a fortune until I knew for sure whether or not I could tackle this kind of art.

I also researched how to take regular dolls and reborn them.  To do this is more challenging, but I was determined not to spend money to learn.

Turns out, I'm not patient enough to create works of reborn art.  But, I also discovered that it is a very hands-on way to learn about the science and creation of the human body.

When you begin to paint, one of the things you focus on is the blue veins.  You learn where the veins are prominent on the hands and feet, legs, arms and eyes.

You also learn about stork bites that appear on newborns, and other reddish markings that are common on babies and fade into the color of our flesh as our skin grows thicker.

you also learn about hair roots and eyelashes and toenails and fingernails.

The fun part is dressing and posing the baby for pictures, though I never got far enough to have a complete art and science project.

My dolls are far from being finished, but, I'm not too upset about how my attempts turned out.   Though, I have decided to sell my supplies and turn in my reborning paint brush.

Before I do, I thought I'd share pictures of my attempted masterpieces with you:

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