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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

This Is Where We Were During The Tornado

This week, a tornado touched down about 5 miles from out house.  Thankfully no one was killed.  It did leave a wake of destruction, however.  So, where were we during this tornado?

"First a note about the tornado:  Before we leave on a trip, we sit in our driveway and pray. We don't just pray protection for our travels. We always see fit to pray for protection over our house and property while we're gone. God is faithful! When the tornado touched down, about 5 miles from our house, we were safely tucked away out of town...

When we drove home, we were awestruck as we came upon a stream of electric trucks - FROM TENNESSEE - Here to help St. Louis peeps get electricity back on!

Such a humbling feeling!  I'm so used to hearing how St. Louisans, Service International, or whatnot, helps other states in disastrous times.  It's so humbling to see them return the favor in our time of need..."

There was no damage to our house.  Thank God!

At the time of the tornado, we were tucked safely away in a hotel in Germantown, WI waiting for our daughter to perform at Discovery World in Milwaukee the next day.  We had traveled there to be with her dance team.

The day of the tornado, we were away and enjoying a chilly morning with fog on the beach in Sheboygan, WI, taking pictures - which is a tradition in our family - of my daughter in her dance dress.

We then drove to Port Washington and took some nice photos, having no idea what was about to happen back home later that night.

Later that night, we were enjoying free Panda Express day as part of their kickoff to summer hours, as we desperately tried to get an internet connection to let everyone know we were ok and to check on how others were doing back home.  For some strange reason, even though we were not in the brunt of the storms, we could not connect via our phones

Thankfully, there were no deaths due to the tornado.

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