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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

5 Summer Math Questions for Kids

Public school and private school kids are off on summer break.  Homeschoolers even catch a summer break from time to time, depending your individual home.  Keep their minds fresh with casual questions throughout the day.  Following are five summer math questions for kids:

1.  Even if you're going to summer school during the week, you get a break on the weekend.  Weekends are made up of how many days?

2.  There are three months in the summer.  Is the number 3 even or odd?

3.  If the ice cream truck, or snow cone truck, comes down your street - and you're lucky enough to have a mom who says yes (and doesn't make you share) - Assume that an ice cream or snow cone costs one dollar.  How many pennies do you need to make a dollar?

4.  How many days are in the month of June?  July?  August?

5.  If you have a backyard pool, and you invite 3 friends to join you for a swim, how many beach balls do you need to make sure each friend has a ball?

1.  2 - Saturday and Sunday
2.  Odd
3.  100
4.  June - 30 / July - 31 / August - 31
5.  Three

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