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Monday, July 8, 2013

Where's Peara? Free Download and Printable Coloring Sheets

Where's Peara?  was introduced to my blog last month as a fun way to learn geography.

Peara is our personal family's traveling mascot.

She is a stuffed, plush pear.

We have become quite fond of Peara, and we hope you do to.

I have been taking pictures of Peara, as she travels with us, wherever we have visited in the past few years.  I finally decided to share these pictures to help make learning geography and make traveling fun.

Browse through previous blog posts about Where's Peara?

Then, if you are traveling this summer, download your free Where's Peara coloring sheets.

I plan on uploading and posting more, but for now, there's a couple to choose from.

Here's the link for your free download:


If you have a traveling companion, I'd love to see pics of your family's mascot.  Feel free to post them on the Teachable Scotts Tots Homeschool Facebook Page.

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