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Monday, July 1, 2013

Another One Of Life's Annoyances: I Should Be Packing For The Beach - Instead I'm On Hold With Fridge Repair

Yep - I worked like mad to salvage and cook up what I could.
Sadly, most of that ended up as food not fit to eat!

Last week we returned from a 4-day trip to discover that the tornadoes, that had touched down 5 miles from our house while we were away, didn't exactly leave us unscathed as we had first thought.  Apparently, a power surge must've occurred.  This power surge took out part of our refrigerator circuit board, rendering it - Confused!

My refrigerator began defrosting, and attempting to refreeze without any success, and then defrosting again until everything eventually became covered in frost or a bit warm, depending upon which side of the side-by-side fridge the food was on.  The fridge side stopped cooling adequately, and the freezer side keeps trying to freeze and defrost.

The repairman came out, looked at it, ordered a new circuit board, and told us we had to turn it off and unplug it for 24 hours before he returned.

...We're still waiting for him to return.

In the meantime, my family and I are supposed to be packing for a trip to the beach where my parents will celebrate their 60th wedding anniversary.

...I should be packing

Instead, I'm cleaning out the refrigerator/freezer, cooking food like crazy to salvage anything that won't make us deathly ill, including a 12 lb. Thanksgiving turkey complete with whole cranberries cooked from scratch.  All we need is the pumpkin pie.

...Well, all I need is pumpkin pie and some patience.

Our time has been spent cleaning out this fridge and scheduling, and then rescheduling, repair appointments.  Before the man left, he scheduled a repair appointment in hopes that the part would come in.  It didn't!  So, we had to reschedule.  Once again, the part failed to arrive.  Yesterday, the part arrived, but now the next earliest appointment is Friday, when God willing, we will be in Fairhope, Alabama  (By the way, to any strange cyberstalkers trying to cruise blogs to discover who is away as an easy target for a break-in - I'm writing this post early and having it scheduled to post long after we have arrived back home.  So, when you read this, our fridge will - hopefully - be up and once again properly functioning.)

Thankfully, our homeschooling is done for the summer.  Otherwise, I would have completely lost my mind by now.

Everytime I, or my husband, call this repair place which shall remain nameless but is otherwise a reputable company - we receive an automated system which requires a wait time of several minutes of on-hold music before we even have the opportunity to say why we are calling.

...We have been on hold with this company for several minutes of several calls as I type.

One call included my husband being asked to recite a list of food items we had lost, for a certain amount of reimbursement, only to discover - after 12 minutes on hold - that we needed exact dollar amounts or a complete receipt of the food purchased.  Who does that?  Who has every food item that is in their refrigerator and freezer neatly listed on one receipt?

We have stretched it out as long as we possibly could.  Tonight, when my husband gets home from work, we will need to unplug the fridge and let it completely make a defrosting mess all over our kitchen floor.  Hopefully, we will be awake and able to clean up any water that rushes out so we don't have worse problems.

...Last call for ice-cold water and ice will be at 8 p.m., or thereabouts.

This oughta be interesting.

Tonight, I have leftover turkey, a package of cream cheese, mustard, some Ranch dressing, 3 dill pickle spears, 2 eggs, 1/4 cup of shredded cheese and a variety of a few other odds and ends that somehow have to make our meal.  I think I will make a turkey/cream cheese casserole, sorta like a chicken cacciatore.

...That's the best I can do!

Whatever doesn't make it through the night will have to be pitched, sadly.  I hate wasting food.

Then, we plan on leaving the fridge unplugged, with the water to the house turned off, while we're gone.  When we return, we will have no fridge or freezer until the repair man, hopefully keeps his - the third or fourth appointment we have made - the day after we return home from the beach.

...I could have thought of easier ways to spend a week when I should be packing and cleaning.  Oh, and shuffling kids back and forth to 3 out of 5 days of VBS.

Alas, these are life's little annoyances that call to mind a scripture that I do not recall where it is found.  I believe it is in the Song of Solomon, and I am probably completely paraphrasing, but it goes something like this:

Catch for me the little foxes!
Yes, catch those little foxes before they become trouble.  Take every annoying thought captive to Jesus - This is my lesson for the week.  Only time will tell how well I've learned it.


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