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Thursday, July 25, 2013

How Is A Hair Clip Like A Marriage: Lilla Rose Hair Clip Review

 I recently received a hair clip from Lilla Rose to review.  I was a bit concerned because most hair clips pull my hair, and/or are quite complicated to figure out how to use.  Still, I had heard good things about this particular hair clip, known as the Flexi Clip, so I was anxious to try it out and see how it stood up to my lifestyle and hair needs.

Lilla Rose has introduced this Flexi Clip, which is made out of music wires, like the ones used in pianos or guitars.  When I read how these are made, I thought:  The making of a Flexi Clip is much like a marriage.  Beads are strung onto the wire, the two ends are thread through the solid metal pin and looped together to form a circle, and then the top pushed down to form a heart, and beaded wire and center piece are welded together with a pretty center piece embellishment on top.  The metal pin has three small groove notches to ensure that it stays in place when used in any hair type.  Unlike other barrettes I've tried, the completed Flexi Clip is smooth.  One perfectly working piece has been formed out of two components:  beaded wire and metal pin - Just like a marriage.  And, as in the case of a Christian marriage, the three grooves reminded me of the scripture that talks about how a "cord of 3 strands is not easily broken", meaning that when the Holy Spirit is included in your marital bond, it is a tightly knit union.

Here's how it went for me:

I opened up the package and saw the clip.  So, I looked through the literature.  As I was looking through the beautiful pictures in the brochure, I was extremely anxious to just see if I could clip it into my hair.  So, I just gave it a try.

Guess what?  It was super easy.  I placed it on top of my hair, and pushed the rod through - And, Voila!  It was set.

The ponytail was easy, so I tried the half up - Literally, with one hand (both hands actually) tied behind my back - I didn't use a mirror or ask for help.

The next test was to see if it would hold my hair completely wrapped up on a hot summer day.

The clips come in:

Mini - for children or extremely baby fine hair
Extra Small - For very fine hair
Small - For thin, fine hair (wavy, curly or straight)
Medium - For reasonably thick hair, but not coarse
Large - For very thick hair of any texture
Extra Large - For dread locks type hair
Mega Flexi - For mega ponytails and updos

The clip I used is a Simple Band, Small size, and it worked well for a full pony, a half up and with my hair fully pulled up for my style of hair.  When I thumbed through the catalog, I didn't see this particular band listed, but there was one similar that was selling for $14.

The company also sells hair clips, hair band, really pretty bobbies, hair sticks, You-Pins, and more.

I was very pleasantly surprised that it did not slip and did not pull my hair.  Sometimes I even have a headache after wearing one particular plastic clip that also grabs my hair and takes some of my hair with it when I remove the plastic clip.

This Lilla Rose clip did not pull any hair out of my head, and it was so comfortable that I even slept in it.

Order Lilla Rose hair clips through Lillarose.biz/prettyhair, or sell them yourself, by signing up here. You can start your own Lilla Rose business for as little as $49.95.  Right now, there is a special savings offer going on where you save shipping on your start up kits if you sign up to be a distributor of Lilla Rose.

See more hair styles using the Lilla Rose hair clips on this Pinterest page, or follow updates on Facebook.

After I saw how easy it was to place into my hair I tried to get a little fancy with a twist here and there:


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