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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Turning Headlines into History Lessons: Royal Baby

Have you been as excited as I have been about the birth of the Royal Baby?  Possibly not, or maybe more so.  I have been pretty excited.

There is just something about Kate Middleton and her marriage to William that enthralls me.  She reminds me quite a bit of William's mom, Lady Di, in that she is considered a common girl who married a prince, or at least a man 2nd in line to the throne.

Now, she is the mother of the heir 3rd in line.

I have decided long ago that headlines like these make for great history lessons.  But, it wasn't until this article:

Turning Headlines into History Lessons:  Five Facts About the Royal Baby

that I have decided to try to regularly write about headlines that make great history lessons.

Enjoy re.ading the above article and all the links to more facts, and then turn it into a homeschool history lesson plan.

It's real easy.  The pictures and videos are blasted across the internet and on the nightly news, and it's quite nice to see a happy story for a change.

It opens up discussions with your children about so much, from historical facts to family life, and it's ok to go ahead and have your own guessing game about what you think the baby's name might be.

I'm secretly hoping she breaks tradition and chooses a clever name.

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