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Monday, August 5, 2013

Schoolhouse Review: Bible Study Guide For All Ages, Primary Level Grade 1 and 2

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A few weeks ago, I was sent a Primary Level Bible study from Bible Study Guide For All Ages  to use with my 1st Grade daughter, who is six years old.

The Primary level is intended for First or Second Graders. The company also sells Beginner, Intermediate and Advance levels for other age groups.

I received:

  • A Student Pages Unit 1 Quarter 1 lessons 1-26. This is an oversized, wide, paper bound with tear off page binding. 
  • A spiral bound paper Primary Teacher Guide Unit 1 Quarter 1 Lessons 1 to 26 
  • Bible Book full color Summary Cards 
  • Children’s Song CD 

Here's how each item in the pak works:

 photo primary-student-pages_zps82bb3a12.jpg
Primary student pages  - The student pages are sold in increments of 26 lessons and cost $5.95 each.  They include fun activity sheets that reinforce each Bible lesson.

Primary teacher guide  - The teacher guides correspond with the lessons and cost $9.95.  The Primary Level requires that the Student Pages and the Teacher Guide be purchased together.  Since reading ability varies drastically at the Primary Level, the Primary level teacher guide is set up so the teacher can easily read aloud the entire lesson, or instead, read along with the child from the side bar on the student page, encompassing all levels to correspond with beginning and early reader's skills.

 photo primary-teacher-guide_zps3f764220.jpg

Each lesson is broken apart into lettered sections that correspond with the letters on the student sheet.

 photo bible-book-summary-cards_zps28dfa8ff.jpg

Bible Book Summary Cards -   $24.95 for all 66 books of the Bible. Choose from 8.5 X 11 full color, or 11 X 14 color it yourself cards.

These Bible Summary Cards are fantastic!  They are a nice big size and so colorful.  The back of each card has lesson highlights that are easy to read when you hold up the card to display to the child, or to an entire class.

The front of the card is bright and colorful - Fun to look at - While the teacher holds it up to read from the back of the card, which tells summary facts about each book of the Bible, pictured on the front.

 photo childrens-songs-cd_zps6d5f5503.jpg
Children’s Songs CD Set - $19.95 Two CD set containing 90 songs. These songs are fun and help to set the memory verses and the idea of each lesson in the child's mind, since music sticks in our head once you hear it and sing along.  Some of the songs were songs I was already familiar with, and some of them I even sang in Sunday School and VBS when I was growing up.  So, they brought back fun memories.

I used this Bible study with my first grader. Here’s how it went:

The lessons were extremely well organized and easy to follow for teaching. The teacher book had letters, A, B, C, etc. that corresponded with the student sheets as well as a "Get Active" object lesson.  Everything is presented in a flowing format, from presenting the lesson to memory work to songs to play off of the CD, including track number and song name, and an action time.

A - Review from previous lesson

B - Memory work (Unlike most Bible Study guides for small children, this one did not present the memory work section as a Bible verse to put to memory.  It taught about how the Bible is presented in Old and New Testament as well as facts about the books.  There were also songs that helps the child remember the stories.  The lessons do, however, present Bible verses within the lessons.)

C - Things To Know - An instruction that corresponds with the student worksheet.

GET ACTIVE - Each lesson has an object lesson.

FLIP PAGES OVER TO SECTION D (This was great how the teacher guide and student pages did this because it allowed the story to be presented in a cartoon strip format on both the student page and the teacher book, with the teacher book becoming like a flip chart that the teacher can hold up while reading the story.  I also loved how the story was presented, because it broke each story down into small sections that were a perfect length for young listeners, putting an activity to be completed on the student sheet inside the comic strip during each breaking spot.

FLIP PAGE BACK OVER TO SECTION E - Timeline and/or Map (There are wall timelines and maps that you can buy with the Bible study in the premium pak, if you like).

F - Apply It! (This section is presented in a one box cartoon that has the child looking at the picture and answering questions that relate to the Bible story lesson, but also get the child's brain developing story telling and reading comprehension skills

I easily followed everything according to the teacher’s guide, except for some of the activities, some of which were written to be used with a group of children. Since I only had one child to teach, I had to use a bit of creativity but was able to fairly easily modify these activities when necessary or use a sibling to illustrate.

For instance, one of the activities called for giving only one child a piece of candy and a compliment while the others in the group begin to react in possible protest.  It was to emphasize the lesson of how Joseph's brothers felt when Joseph was donned with a beautiful coat from their father, but the brothers were left out of being the chosen son.  The activity is a good solid lesson in and of itself, but with only one child, I had no other child to give the candy to, so I simply modified it and asked my daughter to imagine I had given her sister the candy.

I really liked the way the lessons stayed true to the Bible in telling the stories.  I love how the lessons had the child actually open up their Bible to find a verse.  I also loved that there was a variety of approaches to teaching, covering auditory, kinetic, visual and hands-on learners.  The cartoon pictures were a really fun way to apply the point of the lesson as were the activities.  My daughter was excited to learn and really liked the student book's activities.

* ~ * ~ *

Bundle the materials together to save money. Buy a Primary Starter Pak Basic Edition or a Premium Edition.

A Primary Starter Pak Basic Edition sells for 99.82. It includes: 

  • Primary Student Pages lessons 1-26; 27-52; 53-78; 79-104 
  • Primary Teacher Guide lessons 1-26; 27-52; 53-78; 79-104 
  • Bible Book Summary Cards 
  • Children’s Songs CD Set 

 A Primary Starter Pak Premium Edition for $145.68, which includes: 

  • Student Pages for lessons 1-26; 27-52; 53-78; 79-104 
  • Teacher Pages for lessons 1-26, 27-52, 53-78, 79-104 
  • Unlabeled Wall Maps and Time Line 
  • Label Book Vol. 1 
  • Label Packet for Lessons 53-104 
  • Bible Book Summary Cards 
  • Children’s Songs CD Set

Please read what other Review Crew members thought of this and other levels of the Bible Study For All Ages program, here, or click on the picture below:


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