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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

The Answer To The Giraffe Riddle on Facebook

If you don't know already, but you've avoided turning into a giraffe on Facebook, don't despair.

Find the answer to the riddle in this article.

Why a giraffe was chosen, I do not know.  Maybe it was because recently an adorable little giraffe was born in Japan at the Himeji Central Park. The tall little wonder is so adorable, perhaps someone wanted to spread the cuteness all around.  I do not know.

If you have already been successful in answering the riddle correctly and just want to turn the whole thing into a science lesson without planning a trip to the zoo, there's always a great homeschool lesson in there somewhere.

Here's a few tips about giraffes:

Giraffes have long necks.
Giraffes have black tongues
Giraffes have orange-tannish colored spots
Giraffes look curious
Giraffes have short tails

In the meantime, if you need a good picture for your profile, feel free to use one of these:

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