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Friday, November 8, 2013

Afternoon Coffee Break Revisited

Several years ago when I first started blogging, I blogged on a designated homeschool blog.  I believe it was called, "Homeschool Blogger".  One of my blogs was called "Afternoon Coffee".

It was a blog I put together to encourage homeschoolers in the heat of the day when everything seems like it begins to implode, and you need a coffee break - You know, to perk you up.

So, I dug up my first entries and thought I would try to give life back into the idea:

Here's a link to my article, years ago (wow!  In the process, I found pics of my kids when they were small... Where does the time go?)  I want it back.

Afternoon Coffee on Examiner

This article explained my original concept, however, the link to my blog I began now leads to nowhere.  So, I am reviving it and posting new editions here.

First, I found another article that talks about the need for an afternoon coffee break.

So, here's to encouraging and lifting up fellow homeschoolers when they days begin to unravel.

If you need to, step back and call it a day off of teaching just to take a needed breath.

For your first encouraging word in this revamped series, I have his to say:

The Lord gently leads those who have young ...  (This is from Isaiah, in the Bible).  I love this promise.

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