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Friday, January 17, 2014

'I Have a Dream' Free Lesson Plans on MLK Day

"I have a dream" are the words that are remembered most from Martin Luther King, Jr.'s famous speech that has made a mark in history. His dream was that everyone would walk side-by-side in freedom, regardless of color.

On one Monday in January, every year, the nation celebrates Martin Luther King, Jr. and his life. What he stood for lives on as a dream with a new generation attempting to fulfill it.

How much do you know about Martin Luther King, Jr.?

He was born in what city, state?

How old was he when he was assassinated?

What name is given to his most famous speech?

Was he given the name Martin Luther King, Jr. at birth?

Find out the answers to these and more questions about Martin Luther King, Jr. as well as a host of free MLK Day lesson plans and printables from across the web at these links below:

Now, it's your turn to put these lessons into practice. After you are done learning all there is to learn from the above links, and the links within these links, write your own narrative or verbally sum up about Martin Luther King, Jr. to present it to a parent.

It's your turn - Write your own "I Have a Dream" speech.  What is your dream?

Now - Put it into practice in your own neighborhood. Make a list of community organizations or people you know who need volunteers to help out.  Reach out and give. Is there a hospital who needs caps knitted for newborns, or a children's hospital that needs toys or entertainment?  Is there a Salvation Army who needs donations or volunteers to serve food? Is there an elderly person who needs someone to read the newspaper to him or her, or to just sit with someone who will listen to their life's accomplishments?

Whatever talents or heart's cries you feel pulling you, do it!  One day, you will then be able to say:
Free at last.  Free at last.  Thank God Almighty I'm free at last!

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