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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Why everyone benefits in refreshing my Bloglovin Feed

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When I sat down at the end of 2013, I made a list of my goals for the coming year. Among those goals was to focus on my chldren's education, to get fit and lose weight, to take my creative clothing designs to the marketplace, and to concentrate on my writing - Namely this blog.

I have a ton of creative ideas swimming around inside my head that I need to jot down, take pics of, and get the information to anyone interested. One of the steps to take this blog to the next level is to make sure readers know that it exists.

I was signed up with a handful of followers, but I have decided to refresh my Bloglovin feed and try to get the word out to grow this blog to reach even more homeschoolers, parents, families needing encouragement and fun.

This blog is considered a homeschool blog. However, I have heard from so many others that it has also added encouragement or sparked some creativity in their lives as a non-homeschooler as well.  My aim is to share helpful links, schooling projects, reviews, encouraging scripture, fitness tips, and fitness and food recipes.

Basically, anything I find helpful in this journey called life....  That I find the time to take pictures of and write about... Is what this blog is all about.

If you like the idea, please join me in growing this blog by following me at Bloglovin:


Follow my blog with Bloglovin

(And, I apologize if it requires a Bloglovin account. If it does, it's really fast and easy to sign up with the big blue Facebook button or to do so using an email address - And, it's FREE!)

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