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Saturday, January 11, 2014

Fitness Friday Goals For The New Year

I sat down the week before the new year and began making plans for bright and amazingly successful weeks ahead. Among these goals were health and fitness.

OK, ok. I admit it! I am generally very conscious of overall health & wellness, but I have let some things slide.

This year, I managed to tip the scales at the heaviest I have been in my entire life. Though, some will argue – Big deal! You were among only less than a handful of girls on the high school synchronized swimming club who was actually told to gain weight, and you fit nicely into that teensy tiny sized wedding dress years later. Even at 9 months pregnant, your doctor complimented you on how little weight you had gained with your third child. So, why are you talking about weight?

I’m talking about it because it’s not all about my weight. It’s about health.

I also came across some pics where I am at my healthiest weight, and feeling good about how my clothes fit.  I decided to post them up on my fridge for inspiration:

So, I have entered the new year with some fitness goals. To the fitness enthusiast, these goals are going to sound like preschool easy peasy. To others, they just might be the key to get you up off that chair and burning some fat.

I believe in baby steps and have learned the hard way about beating myself up with guilt when I come to a weak moment and “fail”. Everyone experiences those days, and they are truly not a time to throw out the baby with the bath water, but rather, to start anew.

I’m inspired by inventors like Thomas Edison who never referred to his thousands of attempts, I believe it was, at inventing a light bulb as any kind of failure. He, instead, said he simply learned ways it wouldn’t work and kept going.

I also loved the information in this article about fitness from Believe.com, called

Top Ways to Tone Up and Build Muscle

My first goal has nothing to do with exercise, but rather the fuel I am using to get my body healthy and active. I am consciously drinking more water. My goal is to drink no less than nine 8-ounce glasses of pure water every day. Believe it or not, even for this water-loving gal, this is a concerted effort. I have also joined a Facebook group with some juicing mammas to help encourage me to start juicing fruits and veggies again. So far, the result has been a rousing thumbs up by even my picky eater child about the juice tasting yummy, even after I added carrots and cucumbers to the mix.

My second goal is to simply get up and move. I write at home for a living, so sitting in front of a computer and typing all day is common for me. I have found that it’s not good for my overall fitness and weight, however. So, I am simply choosing to stop every hour or so and get up to move around away from the computer. I am also committing to at least 20 situps/crunches a day and arm exercises using small weights. I remember once seeing a special on a woman who didn’t have weights and couldn’t afford a gym membership, so she instead used soup cans that had not yet been opened. Whatever works is success!

My third goal is to flatten my abs and lose the flabby arms and thighs. I have some old video tapes (that’s right tapes) that I loved to work out with in the past, such as Buns of Steel, Abs of Steel, Stormie Omartian workouts, and one on breathing. My main goal, for starters, is to find these or similar ones on a digital media that will play on my new HDTV that is conveniently mounted in my living room, leaving me ample floor space to get in a good at-home workout.

What are your fitness goals? I’d love to hear about your goals in a comment below. Also, see what other bloggers are hoping to achieve in fitness this year.


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1 comment:

  1. I agree that starting with "baby steps" is the way to go, especially if you are new to a fitness program. Stepping away from your computer for a few minutes and then doing sit-ups and crunches is a great way to start. Maybe you can gradually work your way up to a more advanced fitness program and add some cardio and weight training. But for now it looks like you are on the right track! Have a wonderful rest of the week!