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Monday, January 6, 2014

Blowing Bubbles in the Snow

This one is my favorite!  Look closely, and you can see tiny little frost lines forming!

Here it is, cropped and up closer:

I saw this post the other day where a person had blown beautiful soap bubbles in the snow. These bubbles froze, and the person was able to get beautiful photographs of the bubbles.

I wanted to try it, too!

I decided since temps in our area were predicted to be the lowest in more than 30 years, it was a good time to put the soap bubble blowing to the test.  So, I went out yesterday and started blowing.

Well, I was sorely disappointed at first.  All my bubbles just immediately popped or began blowing back toward the warm house.

Having a history of being an epic fail at making no-fail science experiments to work, I figured I was doing something wrong.  When I asked my Facebook friends, most of them seemed to think that it was probably just too windy outside. Another said I needed to use cold water.

Regardless, I thought it would be a fun science experiment for my homeschooling kids and a great photo opp.

So, I waited till it a tad bit less windy and -8 degrees this morning and tried it again.

Guest what?

IT WorKED!!!!

Ok, it worked on a small level.  While, I was able to blow some pretty large bubbles; those all would drift away and pop.  Though, some formed amazing ice crystals before they popped; I was not agile enough to be able to maneuver the wet bottle of bubbles and a video camera to capture these amazing sights.

I did, however, manage to get a glimpse of some of the small bubbles that stayed in tact on top of the snow.

I then went out later and added blue food coloring, and here's what I got:

Here's the small bubbles:

That splat you see toward the upper right-hand side of the pic is from a larger bubble that popped.

Safe in the cleft of the snow. Reminds me of the song that sings, "Under the shadow of His wings, I will find a hiding place."

This one sort of looks like a pear inside of an oyster.


The shadow is from the side of our deck - It's not me standing in the way of the light!

1 comment:

  1. Beautiful shots! Looks like you had a lot of fun. I might have to try this with my kids. Have a terrific weekend!