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Thursday, January 2, 2014

My Journey With Juicing Begins Again

Several years ago, my husband bought me a really nice juicer. At the time, I had seen infomercials touting the wonders of juicing.

I was sold!

So, we began juicing.  Only, I found it to be cumbersome and messy. Though, I still did juice from time to time.

As this new year begins, I was approached by the head of a Facebook group and asked if I was interested in joining a group with other juicing mommas.  I agreed.

Even though I'm not ready to take the 40-day fasting plunge that some have agreed to, I figured, it would be great encouragement to me to start juicing again.

I started with what I had on hand which was grapes, a couple apples and a tangerine.  To my surprise, all three of my kids unanimously received the juice with happy comments. With homeschooling, adding juicing to my children's daily diet is a lot easier than if they were away all day.

In fact, they wanted more.

Encouraged, I pulled out some more fruit that was actually beginning to be on the verge of rotten.  I was hoping that by juicing it, I would be able to salvage the fruit.

It worked!

And, again, all three kids had a unanimous rousing - yum!  Though, I will admit my one daughter was a little more reluctant this time around since she is not a fan of citrus.

Because most of the fruit I used was not organic, I began by soaking it in a bowl of water with a bit of vinegar to clean off the skins.  I then peeled the tangerines before I began juicing them.

It is my goal to juice once a day. I am not ready to completely fast, or too chicken.  But, I am wanting to integrate more healthy foods into mine and my family's diet.

I also have been starting my day out with a protein drink, as my body needs protein or I sometimes get shaky.

I also have been adding more water to my daily diet.  I discovered that, while I always seem to have my big Tupperware cup with me, I noticed that I rarely actually drink it.

So, it's been my ambition lately to consciously drink at least nine 8-oz. glasses of water a day.  And, while I am a water lover, let me tell you - It's a conscious effort to remind myself to drink.

We'll see how it goes; but so far, I'm hopeful, which is good because HOPEFUL is my word for the new year! (Click to read more about being hopeful!)

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  1. Good for you!!!! :-) Here's to a healthy 2014!



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