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Friday, March 21, 2014

Fitness Friday: Weigh In On Your Favorite Meal Replacement Weight Loss Shake and Bars

Let's weigh in on what is the best diet meal replacement shake out there.

I have tried just a couple weight loss meal replacement shakes, and I usually find them to be catered toward the sweet tooth lover, or overload on chocolate. While I enjoy sweets, I'm very particular about how I like it.

For instance, I do not like sweetened tea (sorry friends from the south). And, I've never been a soda fan.

So, sweet substitutes just aren't necessary for my taste buds.  I do, however, crave salty snacks.

I also could enjoy a protein/meal replacement chocolate bar. But, so many of them seem either over sweetened, bland, or too chewy or too small.

I'm sure there are plenty available that I've never heard of, but here's some that I have tried or heard of and wonder if they are worth trying.  What do you think?

Advocare shakes - It looks like you can order 14 servings for $44.95, but for a full month this would climb, as well as recommended vitamins, etc.

Visalis shakes - I actually tried this one, and it was about $99 for one month. I'm considering giving this one another chance.

Pink Drink - This one is new to me. It claims that it is not a meal replacement shake but is a natural way to lose weight.

Juice Plus - I would consider this one, but quite honestly, their marketing style so turns me off.  I am all the time being invited to a special health talk, meal, or gathering. Only, when you arrive, it's just a cover to sell Juice Plus, and worse yet, to ask if I will sell it.  Sorry to all the wonderful Juice Plus reps out there who are my friends, but Just come right out and tell me that it's a party to sell me stuff, and I'll be ok with accepting the invitation or declining. And, I'm no sales person. So, I will probably decline regardless. But, at least I won't feel conned into a health event that was really a sales meeting.  So, while their product seems to be amazing, I want to be absolutely 100% certain that I want to go this route before I contact a representative.

Nutrisystem - This one has been around for awhile, but I am not familiar with cost or results.

Shakeology - This is another one that I'm familiar with, but it has a cute, catchy name and I like the idea of getting a "Trim Beach Body". It is pricey at $129.95 for what looks like about a month.

Ideal Shape - This one is new to me, as well. But, the price looks pretty good, and it is ranked #1 in one review study.

I'm sure there are plenty of others.  Maybe, Shaklee has one. My parents used to sell Shaklee, and I remember they had a really nice protein meal bar.

What do you think?

What's your experience with meal replacement dieting, and if you've had success with a shake or bar - Which one?

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1 comment:

  1. I have never worked with any meal-replacement shakes or bar, though I've heard a lot about Shakeology and Juice Plus. They both seemed like just a fad; though that's just an initial thought I had. Thank you for more in-depth info!

    Amy @ http://livinglifetruth.blogspot.com/