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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Online Curriculum Review: K5Learning.com Putting Reading and Math in Your Child's Hands

I was recently asked to review an online learning site called K5Learning.com. I received access to the site for several weeks in exchange only for my honest opinion in a blog post. So, here goes:

There are basically four sections to K5learning.com:

  1. K5 Reading
  2. K5 Math
  3. K5 Spelling
  4. K5 Math Facts

K5Learning.com focuses mainly on the two basic subjects of Reading and Math, breaking it down to more bite-sized specialized sections of spelling and math facts practice. These two subjects are wonderful to focus on, because if a child learns to read, the world is an open book to learning anything he or she desires. And, math is a subject that even many unschoolers see the importance of teaching in a traditional style.

Read more about what K5Learning.com is all about.

K5Learning.com is super easy to set up, for the parent. After the students are added through the parent's account, the child student logs on.

I loved how easy and free of clutter the child's dashboard appeared. There are two icons to select from: Math or Reading.  The child clicks on whichever one you assign, or he or she chooses to begin.

I loved how the site was accessible from any device. My daughter was able to learn with her portable Kurio Tablet. The log on and maneuvering of the site is easy enough for young children to understand.

The first thing I noticed was that the site is called K5, but seemed to have lessons for older children as well. Though, I mostly focused on my 2nd grader.  I saw that I could request a free assessment so she could be properly placed in her learning, so that's what I did.

I was happily surprised by the results of her assessment. She was actually placed at the third grade level for reading, and at her current grade level for math. I couldn't agree more with the accuracy of the assessment.

I found K5learning.com to be extremely easy for my child to use, and it provides solid learning curriculum at my child's level. It also provides easy assessment views from the parent's perspective.

The newest addition to the site is their Bookstore where they sell helpful educational books.

Watch a K5learning.com User Video before you decide.

Try it out for free with a 14-day trial. After that, the cost is:

Monthly Subscription

First child - $25
Additional Children - $15 each

Annual Subscription

First child - $199
Additional Children - $129 each

Compared to most homeschool math and reading curriculum available, it is certainly not unheard of to spend $199 to acquire both reading and math lessons for one child for a year. This site provides both.

If you are a blogger, you may want to check out their open invitation to write an online learning review of their program.

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