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Thursday, March 27, 2014

TBT Throw Back Thursday Turns This Day in History Into Visual Learner Fun

#TBT Throw Back Thursday Turns This Day in History into Visual Learner Fun from Pics of Yesteryear

Every TBT, that's Throw Back Thursday for all of you unaware of abbreviated Hashtags, I see all these amazing pics on Facebook from yesteryear.  Every TBT, I miss out on finding one to post. Today, I got an idea:  Wouldn't it be fun to use TBT to learn about history?

So, I checked it out.  Did anything special happen on this day in history that would be interesting to learn about for Throw Back Thursday?

Though, it would take years before the phone was established as a household item, on this day (March 27) in 1884, the first long-distance telephone call was made between Boston and New York.

Read more about this first long distant call at hightechhistory.com

The concept of a newly invented telephone is odd enough to kids today seeing as how even a dial phone with a cord attached throws them into a possible laughing fit trying to imagine how it is to actually be tied to a phone, unable to walk away to hold a conversation.

Now, the fun begins.

Science:  Learn about copper and how inventors discovered it to be a better conductor of sound than iron, which was previously used.  For Minecraft fans, mine some copper and create your own on-screen inventions.

Language Arts:  Look at the TBT pic, and write a paragraph about what you would have said in your first long-distant phone conversation.

History: Learn about Alexander Graham Bell and how he contributed to getting phones into houses.

Math:  In 1881, the cost to connect a phone between Boston to Providence was $2 Daytime and $1 Night-time. Determine what that would be equivalent to in today's monetary system.  Also, talk about how we used to be able to make an emergency call on a pay phone. Operator calling was free, you could call collect and have the receiver pay for the call. Or, other calls cost a dine, then a quarter and kids were always told to carry enough change to make a phone call.

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