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Friday, March 28, 2014

Fitness Friday: How A Walk Around The Block Could Save Your Life

Well, here we are once again at another Friday. This week, in my personal life, I have something important to talk about.

My hubby was scheduled to have some dental surgery done this week.  He was dreading it, but it pretty much has to be done. It's not a root canal or cavity fill or wisdom teeth removal.  It's much more intricate and involves a childhood accident and two teeth that now require more attention by way of a 2-hour surgery.

While he was dreading it, and nervous, we didn't fully foresee the next step:

He did all the prep work for surgery, showed up on time, and before he surgery they took his blood pressure - Routine, I suppose. But, thankfully so.

His blood pressure was 201/114

The oral surgeon tried two more times, with a different machine and then even did it manually with a stethoscope just to be sure.  While it dropped slightly, it was much too high to administer the anesthestic, which apparently raises it on a good day.

So, now what?

How important is blood pressure, and where does he turn now?

He didn't know whether to head for the ER or Urgent Care or make an appointment with an MD.  While, he weighed the odds and the cost, he sat stunned.

Eventually, after a few phone calls, he made an appointment with an MD.

We do not know what's ahead, though we do know prayer, healthier eating, and exercise will be part of it.

In researching blood pressure, we know that high numbers can cause stroke or heart risks. Though, long term high blood pressure can also cause damage to organs, like the kidneys and even to nerves in the eyes causing blindness.

We pray nothing catastrophic happens while he attempts to bring down the BP to more manageable numbers and, prayerfully finally get the dental surgery on the reschedule date, about a month away.

We are not thrilled about the possibility of medication, but he is willing to do whatever it takes and understands that there are a lot of medicine options as well as diet, exercise and natural essential oils and vitamins.

The interesting thing is that when he returned home, the only thing that successfully brought down his blood pressure to a still high, but better number of 151/99, was a walk around the block.


Isn't that amazing?

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1 comment:

  1. Wow! This is really eye-opening. This is a great reminder that it is so important for everyone especially us adults to get regular physicals and doctor check-ups. You never know what health problem could be lurking. I will keep your husband in my prayers!