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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Book Review: FaithGirlz! The Good News Shoes 'Riley Mae and the Rock Shocker Trek'

I received a great new book for teen and pre-teen girls from BookLook Bloggers in exchange for my honest review. The book is called Riley Mae and the Rock Shocker Trek by Jill Osborne. It is part of The Good News Shows from faiTHGirLz! and ZonderKidz.

The author, Jill Osborne, enjoys working in children's ministry and telling interesting stories. Good New Shoes is her first series directed toward kids.

The main character in the book, Riley Mae Hart, lives and breathes her love of sports and every form of action. When the Swiftriver Shoe Company offers her a contract to be the spokesperson for their new line of outdoor sport shoes, she literally jumps at the chance. Before she know it, she's appearing in commercials and advertisements printed in magazines. She becomes the admiration of every girl in town.

Riley Mae Hart soon discovers that promoting the new shoes means that she will have to miss out on softball season, which makes her best friend T.J. quite upset. The price of promoting the new shoes will lead to her sneaking around and keeping secrets.

In keeping with her contract, Riley heads out for a hiking climb up Half-Dome in Yosemite in her "Rock Shocker" shoes.

Will her shoes be the right ones to bring her back down to solid ground?

The book retails for $7.99 in paperback and is 238 pages of fun adventure aimed toward girls. So, I asked my 12 year-old daughter to read it and tell me what she thought before I polished off the review.

She told me that she thought that Riley Mae and the Rock Shocker Trek was a marvelous book for everyone to relate to. Even though Riley Mae and the Rock Shocker Trek sounds like it should be a little kids story it has several surprise twists. and lots of fun entertaining chapters meant for everyone to enjoy.

She liked how they put little Bible related things in the book and how they managed to make a story made for pre-teens, but teens kids, and adults can read and love as well.

My daughter loved this book and hopes to read the others when they come out.

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