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Friday, April 25, 2014

TOS Review: The Brinkman Adventures

Brinkman Adventures Review

I was asked to review The Brinkman Adventures Season 2: Episodes 13-24 from The Brinkman Adventures. These are audio drama broadcasts, sort of like listening to old time radio programs, intended for the entire family, all ages.

The best part is that they are all based on real-life adventures of a family on the mission field, so they open up an easy way to talk to your children about your faith, giving to missions, and other realms of sharing the gospel.

The audio tracks are far more than mere entertainment. 

You and your family can sit and enjoy the adventures, or use just a little bit of creativity and create huge unit lesson plans out of each new episode where you learn about the country the Brinkman family is visiting, memorize scripture that the adventures talked about during the episode, and develop critical thinking skills asking your children what they would have done if they found themselves in a similar situation.

I received a digital download, both in mp3 and iTunes format. However, the site also offers a physical CD as well.

Since, ultimately, the adventures are part of a ministry; the retail price listed is a suggested donation:

I received a download, which I played on my laptop. Since it is also available as an iTunes download, it would also become extremely portable to take along on any Apple product that uses iTunes, like an iPod Touch, iPhone or iPad.

When my older girl used to take dance on Saturdays, I would bring along my other two children who would often sit in the car to wait for her. These Brinkman Adventures would have been something that I could have used during waiting times for my children to listen to, keeping them occupied until sis got done with dance. Add a set of ear buds and an iPod or other portable iTunes-ready device, and the adventures could be heard anywhere, even in a doctor's waiting room.

Brinkman Adventures Review

The adventures are based on true stories but the names have often been changed.  There are behind-the-scenes information on their website. Each episode seemed to take about 25 minutes, and then the last episode was a bonus episode that contained Kate's Song to her unborn baby. It was beautiful!

Each episode begins with a recap of the previous episode and about halfway through, an announcer voice breaks in to sum up what you've heard so far and to give a little information about the adventures or to add a related Bible verse to the story, and they each end with a brief tie-in introduction teaser to the next adventure in the series.


The adventures are presented in an old-time radio drama audio entertainment program.  You know, when families used to sit around a radio to listen to entertainment, as a family, instead of in front of a TV, a computer, or an Xbox?  I was excited to experience this style of presentation.  Though, my children are not typically audio learners.  In fact, they seem to be quite good at tuning me out. So, I wasn't sure how these adventures would be received.

I played the files from an mp3 download on my laptop.

I have very visual children. When it comes to listening skills, they only seem to hear things they are not supposed to hear. If I require my children to sit and listen to something, such as any read-alouds, my kids tend to tune out the audio information, regardless of how many voice inflictions or how much enthusiasm I use. UNLESS, OF COURSE, THEY HEAR MY HUSBAND AND I WHISPERING ABOUT BIRTHDAY GIFTS. Then, all ears are attentive to the sounds of our whispers. Knowing this about my children, I played the audio episodes as more of a background play than a full-focused required demand that they sit and listen.

My daughter listened as she lounged on the couch or as she colored. They all heard the adventures play as they ate lunch.

What I discovered is that the stories are really well done and keep you on the edge of your seats. Fair warning:  They quickly become quite addicting as each episode foreshadows the next episode and entices you to want to hear what happens next.

I liked how they are based on true stories. I also liked how it shares stories from the mission field that are anything but boring. It is a wonderful way to introduce children to the idea of entering a ministry in missions. I also really enjoyed being able to go to the website and learn about what actually took place behind the scenes of each story.

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