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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

TOS Review: CTC Online Math

CTC Math Review
I was asked to review the 12 Month Family Plan of an online program from CTC Math, intended for Grades K-12. 

CTC Math Review
CTC Math takes a direct, concise approach to teaching and learning math.

From a teacher's perspective, math curriculum doesn't get much easier than this online math program.

From a student's perspective, learning math doesn't get much more direct than this online math program.

It is a concept that has proven to be successful in Australia, and it has now been brought online for homeschoolers. The instructor is a man named Pat. He explains each new concept in a plain, understandable manner.

The student logs on, watches a brief instructional video that includes an explanation about how to perform the new math process for the lesson. Then, the student is presented with several multiple choice, quiz-like exercises to give them practice working the skills they just learned.

This program presents math in a cut and dry, simplified format that makes it easy to follow and concentrate on learning math skills. The students can play the instructional video and rewind it to replay as often as they need to before they grasp each new skill.

When the child is ready, they attempt to complete an online worksheet. When they enter their answers, they get immediate feedback and a chance to redo the process again, until they understand fully.

There are standard and cummulative tests. There are also a screen that shows the child's progress and assigns awards, like platinum, gold, silver.

CTC Math also provides students with the opportunity to practice speed drills. The speed drills offer addition and subtraction for level 1, and then progressively adds multiplication, division, division with remainders, and orders of operations.

I used the program with my children who are Grades 8, and Grade 2. 

My 8th grade son has previously been working on Algebra and Pre-Algebra, but he is a complete computer buff, loving integers used in computer languages and everything else that goes into understanding, that level of thinking. So, when I noticed that this program went all the way through Trigonometry, I was curious to see if he could handle tackling Pre-Calculus. I presented the idea to him, and he willingly gave it a go.  Guess what?  He's grasping and understanding pre-calculus even though he is still in the 8th grade.

The Grade 2 level is very colorful and fun. My daughter was able to maneuver the screens by herself on her Kurio Tablet. Though, it does allow the student to go to grade level information beyond where they are as well as the ability to redo material from grade levels they have already completed. Because everything was in one location on the main screen, the first time I let my second grader do the work on her own, she mistakenly clicked on a higher level in the Algebra realm and was completely baffled. When I realized her mistake, she laughed and understood what she needed to do to stay on her grade level.

One feature I really loved is how I received a weekly e-mail progress update for each of my children. It showed me what they were learning and how well they accomplished each new concept and also included a percentage for their success, which could be used for grading purposes.

At the time of this blog review posting, the homeschool program is currently being offered at a huge savings of 60% off of their regular program. This pricing is for homeschoolers only and allows you access to all grade levels as follows:

Monthly online for one student - $11.97 (A sale price from the regular $29.97)
6 Months online for one student - $50.80 (A sale price from the regular $127)
12 Months online for one student - $78.80 (A sale price from the regular $197)
Monthly online for two or more students - $15.97 (A sale price from the regular $39.97)
6 Months online for two or more students - $78.80 (A sale price from the regular $197)
12 Months online for two or more students - $118.80 (A sale price from the regular $297)

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