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Thursday, June 19, 2014

Throw Back Thursday TBT: Free Learning Comic Download Comic Strips in History and Who Put the "O" in Cheerios

This day in history, for Throw Back Thursday #TBT, there are a couple significant events in the world of comic strips. Now, this might not sound very important in the scope of things seeing as how there are other important things that happened on this day in history, but comic strips can be an amazing teaching tool for children who have a natural aversion to reading long chunks of text, or for those who are creatively and artistically expressive.

My son, for instance, tuned me out when I used to read history to him as a young boy, but when he discovered graphic novels - He read and enjoyed!

This day in history:

1923 - Comic Strip "Moon Mullins" made its debut

Followed by:

1940 - Brenda Starr became the first woman portrayed in a comic strip.

Another unexpected learning tool emerged onto the grocery shelves in 1941. This was the year that Cheerios invented its O-shaped cereal. Today, many toddlers learn more than their pincer grasp using Cheerios cereal. There are books and other helpful tools that allow teachers and moms to use a fairly healthy oat cereal to teach.

Find the Cheerios Play Book

Along with other Cheerios-related counting, costume play, animal fun, or Christmas books that use Cheerios for hands-on read-along learning.

Discover your own comic book or Cheerio book fun to use as learning tools at these sites:

All pictures are from Wikipedia or Amazon and are in the public domain for use as book covers or other common use.

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