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Thursday, July 17, 2014

Disneyland Throw Back Thursday TBT: This Day in History

In TBT, Throw Back Thursday, style - This Day in History in 1955, Disneyland opened in California. This would have been a fun event to see live and in person.

This fun historical event got me thinking - What Disney character are you? That is, in terms of how you teach. And, which Disney character is/are your child(ren)?

Do you have a Dumbo? Oh, not in the horrible name-calling sense. But, does your child have a unique trait which is what will carry him, flying through successes in life?

Are you Sleeping Beauty, with a full year's worth of amazing curriculum planned but you're too overwhelmed to breathe, so you're sleeping through what could be your wake up kiss.

Do you often feel like Cinderella, doing all the work and waiting for your fairytale magic to begin?

There are tons of Disney characters to choose from, and far more scenarios as to why you feel like you or your children relate to that specific character.

....I just hope it's not Grumpy or Goofy!

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