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Thursday, July 17, 2014

A Review: Storybox Family Educational Videos

I was asked to review a new site called storyboxfamily.com. StoryBox is the newest family entertainment and video streaming company on the web. They offer a family friendly and educational streaming.

Users subscribe to unlimited viewing of wholesome, fun and classic movies and TV shows that are fit for the entire family to watch. You will also be able to rent or buy shows directly from the site.

Find a video for any subject you're covering in your homeschool.

Currently, the site is in beta form and has two sections:

  1. Entertainmnet that offers films, TV shows, etc.
  2. Educational that offers full documentaries and various other instructional videos:

  • Chemistry
  • Literature
  • Physics
  • Math
  • History
  • Science
  • Careers
  • Documentaries
  • Art
  • And so much more

I sat down at my laptop PC and looked over the options. The first video to catch my eye was one that had a huge, beautiful picture of an elephant on it. It was a fun cartoon, and I just had to choose that one because my one daughter is an elephant fan.

From there, I explored mostly the educational material. I found a charcoal drawing art instructional video, documentaries (which I love), some really helpful math helps video, science experiments, one of the best Shirley Temple movies, literature-based movies, and even a Gumby cartoon.

These would really come in handy for supplementing a lesson in any subject needed.

Storyboxfamily.com is currently on the PC or MAC, but hope to soon be available on Apple products (though, you can watch from the full site version on your smart phone) and the RoKU. All of the content is G or PG and very family friendly.

Find StoryBoxFamily on Facebook and on Pinterest, for even more activity ideas for your family.

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