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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Where's Peara? Elephants Show Up Even in the Foothills

My family and I were traveling a couple weeks ago, went around a corner and up a hill, and suddenly my husband was pulling over. All he would say, is, "Trust me!" as he pulled around.

As we rounded the corner of this parking lot, it became hugely clear why he wanted us to stop.

My daughter is a major elephant lover. We're not quite sure where her love for elephants began, but she absolutely loves elephants. When my husband saw this larger-than-life replica of an elephant, we had to stop and take a look.
 This one was more than just a statue. I think it may have once been a part of a Noah's Ark outdoor play or something, maybe like Shepherd of the Hills, which sadly is in its last season in 2014. Though, I am not sure. It felt like a real elephant to the touch. It was sort of rubbery, and the tail swung if you swooshed it.

Of course, it was too tall to put the girls up on it for a picture, and I'm not even sure if it would have been allowed had the elephant been smaller. But, Peara got to enjoy the high perch:

There was also a lookout lens that didn't even cost a quarter. And, look at the view! Beautiful!

I wish I could tell you the exact location of this elephant, but all I know is we were on our way back from the Visitor Center near the dam, headed toward a lodge in Indian Point. I'd like to say, you can't miss it. But, if my husband hadn't spied this large mammal, we would have kept driving unaware.

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