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Sunday, November 9, 2014

Free Sight Word Download

C   A   N

Your child CAN read so long as he or she learns certain sight words along with all the sounding out phonics.

The English language is interesting. It is probably one of the most inconsistent languages alive. Whether or not you teach with phonics or by using whole language words, there are still words that have to be memorized.

These words are called sight words.

They are called sight words because, well, you learn them by looking at them and remembering. They really have no other rules that they follow. All you can do is memorize them.

Call them rebel words, and fight to refuse the truth. But, the truth is that these sight words just simply need to be learned and read by sight (memory).

In my inbox today, I saw this amazing freebie.

It's a download for a free sight word activity for the sight word:


So, right now - you CAN download it for free from Super Mommy to the Rescue blog.

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