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Friday, April 10, 2015

Weekly Wrap Up - Celebrating Easter and Embracing Spring

In addition to our typical Easter pics, I told the kids to show me how excited they are that their Savior Rose from the Dead! This is what I got! I sort of wish I had thought of this years ago.

Here we are at the end of another week. This week seemed to fly by quickly. We celebrated Easter and began to embrace Spring and the start of the end of this school year. We welcomed Monday as the first school day having come off of an exciting weekend of celebrating Jesus' resurrection, dying eggs, welcoming a new baby grand-nephew, hunting eggs, and wrapping up the weekend by watching God's Not Dead - An amazingly spiritually impactful movie.

Monday began what I had planned on being a typical school week for the most part. My daughters began their lessons, while my son worked on programming a github project he's coding to help younger kids learn to code. It's called Project Unique, and the amount of lines of code that goes into this project are impressive.  For me, I began the start of a two-week Instagram challenge with the TOS Review Crew. I prepared my five pics for the first week and was ready to post one each day for two weeks:




Tuesday brought another teen hangout event that a friend of mine and I have been in charge of planning this year for our local homeschool group. This week we planned on visiting a Youth Activity Park which has games inside, a bike trail, and skate board ramps. It was a good plan, and really quite affordable. But, when Tuesday arrived, our area was hit with the start of three days' worth of horrible storms. Even so, since there were games on the inside of the building, we weren't going to cancel. Still, almost everyone who had planned on coming decided not to come out in the yucky weather. The result was that only my daughters and one other teen boy showed up. It was really kind of sad because the place would be really fun with a group of people. But, being the adult in charge, I felt like I needed to stay until the other boy's mother showed up to pick him up before I could leave with my girls. In the meantime, we did end up having very peaceful fun, hit some ping pong balls, and shared a small pizza with the girls while we waited. The place is really a great idea for a youth park, and the workers were super nice and very attentive to us. There is a rock climbing wall, foosball table, ping pong, air hockey, XBox, and Wii on the inside of the building which we enjoyed most of except for the rock wall.

We almost had the entire place to ourselves

The geese outside showed up!

Really tall rock wall

My son did not join us at the youth activity park because he was starting an online college course he's taking with a friend. It's a C++ computer coding class on EdX. Tuesday  night was also more learning and socializing for Graham at his Robotics meeting.

Wednesday brought another outing. We had planned on seeing Cinderella last week, but my daughter wasn't feeling well. So, we used free tickets we got from donating to Goodwill during a March promotion (a donation in exchange for a free movie ticket). I donated some items, and my mom and dad had given me two tickets from stuff they had donated to Goodwill, so all in all - We had enough tickets to get the entire family in free. Before heading to the theater, the whole family went with my husband to help him pick out some clothes to wear at his band reunion next weekend. Wednesday night was a chance for my oldest to try out a new dance studio. This time, it seems like a good fit. We plan on returning next week to officially sign her up for Intermediate/Advanced Ballet for 12+ year olds. I am excited, because this studio is associated with Missouri Ballet and seems to provide professional instruction.

Thursday brought another day of severe storms. It also meant co-op (we call it Enrichment Thursdays) day for the girls. My older daughter takes a Bible course, stays for lunch, and then takes a Photo Art class, and two hours of drama. She's going to play the role of Mrs. Beaver in the Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe play in a couple weeks. My younger daughter takes an American Girl History class.

This is a pic I snapped of all the rain alongside the roadway on the way to co-op....  That's not a lake!

After I dropped off my older daughter, I headed to a local clothes closet where you can fill a bag of clothes for $7. These tulips were part of the landscaping in their parking lot....  They're my favorite flowers:

Also this week, I've worked with some curriculum and such that will appear in some upcoming reviews.  I sat with my daughter working A+ Math, and she worked on LaLa Logic, and I worked my lesson from Successful Homeschooling Made Easy. Here's a sneak peek of a few of the reviews you will be seeing on my blog in the next few upcoming weeks:



Weekly Wrap-Up

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