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Friday, May 22, 2015

Weekly Wrap Up - A husband Wife Date Sort of, Teen Mini Golf and Goodbye to Innocence


Starting with Friday, May 15 through Thursday, May 21, our week went like this...

Jetsons T-Shirt form our first date (We went to see the Jetsons Movie)

On Friday evening, the Clydesdale horses were supposed to make an appearance at our local minor league baseball season opener, so I took the girls to see my oldest daughter's favorite horse. The weather was on again off again showers, so I knew I was taking a chance on whether or not the horses would be there due to the rain, and sure enough - The horses pulled a no-show, had to cancel at the last minute because of the weather. But, still it was worth the trip.

I got home and got ready to go out on a date with my hubby. Dates for us are few and very far between, and this one can be classified as a date - kinda, sort of.  It was a combination business event/date. The business part came in because we went to see another musician perform at a restaurant where my hubby is hoping to get in to play gigs as well. But, romantic - whoo yes! It is an Italian restaurant in a place called Westport Plaza. The ambiance was amazing with this musician we went to see creating the setting of crooner music of Frank Sinatra and the like. It was amazing, and the rain had stopped and opened up to a beautiful night, minus some humidity making my hair less than gorgeous. Still, we managed a clumsy selfie by the fountains in the beautiful outdoor plaza where the restaurant is located.

Sunday meant church and an afternoon of family time.

And, so starts the week.

Monday - For the most part, we are done with school for the year, but my oldest daughter wanted to finish up her Greek Morphemes book so she can start full force on Latin in the fall. Other than that, the girls planted some more in our garden. They added a couple basil plants and another pepper plant. They're developing a green thumb, and I'm anxious to see what comes of it this year after the summer's heat starts and we're gone.

Tuesday - This was the last of the teen events that a friend and I have been responsible for planning this year through our local co-op. We decided on miniature golf, and the weather was fantastic, actually slightly chilly for May. All three children went and got some PE in and a little bit of social time with friends for the girls as my son was having a non-sociable day and only one other boy showed up that he doesn't have a lot in common with.


While we were there, getting ready to play a round of min golf, we found out that a family in the co-op is going through some devastating news that is tearing the family apart because of inappropriate behavior on the part of the dad toward his 13-year-old daughter....  The daughter is a friend of my 13-year-old daughter. This kind of news is not supposed to happen among tight-knit groups of Christian homeschoolers. But, it did, and so I was left to explain to my older two teens the gist of what happened - Not something I ever wanted to explain to anyone let alone my two innocent children.  My son was basically angry that someone would do something so unbiblical to their own daughter and was shocked that this kind of story you usually only hear about on the news has happened right here among our little homeschool bubble and to someone we know. My daughter was pretty much appalled and grossed out but wanting to do all she can to be a friend to her friend, the girl to whom it happened. Me - I'm sickened, saddened, and pretty much still shaking though honestly I had an uneasy feeling about the man from the beginning and tried my best to keep my distance and to keep my daughters out of classes that he taught at our co-op. I had even had a sense of this kind of behavior (call that a gut-level instinct if you want. I call it the Holy Spirit allowing me to know for some unknown reason) when I was around this man during the past year-and-a-half, even though the incident has apparently only happened on this one recent occasion last week. My son was in a class this man taught at our local co-op. Since my warning alarms went off upon meeting this man and talking to his wife, I had previously casually questioned my son on a couple occasions after I picked him up from class as to how this man behaved in class. From my son's answers, I was certain that this man had never conduced himself in any inappropriate manner to the kids in his co-op classes. But, I don't know beyond what my son had told me. Regardless - It's a terrible and horrific tragedy that should never happen to a Christian homeschooling family.

Wednesday - My daughter had her second to last dance class for the year, till the fall.  This week they worked on a lyrical dance to the song, Songbird. It was absolutely beautiful.

Thursday - The only thing we have planned is reading, reading, and more reading and hopefully finishing the Greek Morphemes. A lot of schools in our area are ending, so I'm sort of bumming that we didn't take full advantage of the nice days at the park or zoo while they were still empty and not filled with kids out of school for the summer.  The weather was absolutely gorgeous, so the girls and I went for a walk around our favorite lake and then they played on the play ground for a very short time. Along the path, we got some glimpses of science/nature with baby geese and wild flowers.

And, this brings us to the weekend which I'll talk about in next week's Weekly Wrap-Up. So far, my plans are to simply finish up on my weekly de-cluttering goals for our basement and move in the direction of beginning to group and price books for an upcoming book sale.

Weekly Wrap-Up

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