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Friday, May 15, 2015

Weekly Wrap Up - Life is like a box of chocolates banquet, Birthday Teens, Mother's Day and Libraries

Starting with Friday, May 8, we had a busy weekend. It was tipped off with having seen friends we hadn't seen in several years. The weekend was Mother's Day celebrations and my son's 15th birthday - On Mother's Day this year. We made our annual trip down to my parents' church's Mother/Daughter banquet. This year, the theme was, "Life is like a box of Chocolates". A friend of mine from high school youth group gave the talk and did an excellent job of presenting how our life's events are similar to individual pieces of chocolates.

She compared the chocolates you find most delicious to times in our lives that are perfect and blessed. She compared chocolates you find distasteful as the sad times, and chocolates that have a taste that needs to grow on you as times you thought were bad but turned out to be good.

We went back to my mom and dad's house after the banquet and got to get a closer look at my new grand-nephew and let the girls play before heading home in yucky rainy weather that made the trip seem like it took forever.

Sunday, I was awoken to my daughters bringing me a Mother's Day breakfast in bed. It was so sweet.  I had already decided that I wouldn't get much of a Mother's Day celebration because it was also my son's birthday, and I wanted to make his day special. After all - He is the one who made me a mom anyway. So, I was happy the girls thought of me and Mother's Day.  My son had a sore throat when he went to bed, so we waited for him to wake up before deciding whether or not we would go to Pizza Street and celebrate after my hubby got done playing for the worship team and then another gig in the afternoon.

My son did end up feeling well enough to celebrate, and we had a good time at Pizza Street. The girl at the register gave him two free birthday tokens, and my son spent them on letting my youngest enjoy a roller coaster simulator ride. It's funny visiting the arcade at Pizza Street after several years, because my two oldest seemed so much bigger now. It would have been a struggle for them to fit inside the seat of the roller coaster game, and there was a time they both shared the seat.

Bittersweet, but I'm learning how to embrace the good parts of having teens.

As my children grew as littles, I truly enjoyed something about every single phase. While I mourned the passing of one phase, I would be just as thrilled with the new phase. But, somehow teen-age-hood has been a lot more difficult for me to embrace. I really think I'm meant to be a mom to littles, but I'm learning how to be the mom they need me to be as they grow into adulthood. I really do miss my one-on-one snuggles and the attachment that came with nursing three babes. So, now I learn to embrace their independence while they constantly remind me how I need to have amnesia about all the cute things they once did - At least, don't bring these things up in front of their friends or post details online.

And, so the week of May 12 begins.

Monday - We headed to the library to get our fill on books, and got a little closer to finishing Greek Morphemes.

Tuesday - The girls weeded the garden, and I got the treadmill set up in the workout room downstairs.

Wednesday - My oldest daughter had another dance class. Only two more left of this year until the fall. So far, she has been thrilled!

Thursday - One of the things my son received as a gift was money to buy a game developers license so he can put his games on the Steam engine. He has been working to code these games while preparing for the ACT test he will take in a few weeks.

Friday we plan on visiting the River City Rascals home opener just to see the Clydesdale horses while my hubby has a belated dad and dude birthday trip to a retro games arcade.

Weekly Wrap-Up

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  1. It's strange you mention the teenage-hood - I have three teenagers. The oldest (she'll be 19 next month!) is going through a lot and I just keep trying to picture her as she was at 2 years old. 4 years old. Even 9. It's so odd to communicate with another "adult". I'll be honest, I'm having a hard time with it. Who are these teenagers? lol! There is a blessing at every stage!