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Friday, August 28, 2015

Where's Peara - Getting Random and Water Parks

Where's Peara now?

Today, Peara shows up at a very random location....  No, seriously! there is really a place called Random. Well, OK. It's called Random Lake, and it's in Wisconsin just a little Northeast of Port Washington. From there, we headed to one of our favorite Country Inns and Suites hotel in Appleton, WI. It has a really fun small water park, which means water slides, and well.  Yes, a plush pear can go down a water slide.

For those of you new to Peara's adventures, let me introduce you.

Peara is a stuffed, plush, yellow pear with googly eyes. We received her from my sister-in-law years ago, even before we had children, I believe. See, she was going through her kids' toys and Peara was about to take a visit to Goodwill. Before this happened, my sister-in-law asked if we would by any chance be interested in finding a home for Peara. And, the rest is history.

Well, almost history...

As we began traveling with our children, we sort of adopted this plump yellow pear as our travel with kids mascot.  And, thus began our journey of "Where's Peara?"

Random Lake, WI

The name of this town was too much for us to pass up. As a family, we often joke about how we just randomly blurt out whatever enters our minds.  So, spending an afternoon in Random Lake was right up our alley.

Notice how her eyes are a  bit off center and random in this pic.  And, you can see her reflection in the picture below:

This is Random Lake.  Actually, quite a nice little town. We couldn't help but have fun with its name. Though, we really have no idea of how the name came to be. We were immediately struck by how the population is a somewhat random, odd, number.

Amidst the random conversation and randomness, I did manage to capture some of its true beauty.

But, my daughter quickly noted that if she went to Random High, her year book quote would be:

Random is as Random does....Squirell!

OK - So, maybe only those who have seen the movies Forest Gump and Up, will get that joke.

From Random Lake, Peara ended up in Peshtigo, a town who was wiped out by a fire years ago, but seldom talked about - At least, I never heard of the Peshtigo fire when learning about the Chicago fire and all.

Time to cool off. Back at the hotel...

Peara had to go down the slide as well.....

Truly the result of my animating/coding son...  We sent Peara down the slide with my daughter holding her and then my son photoshopped out my daughter. So, no pears were harmed in the making of this blog.

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