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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

'Mina's White Canvas' Book Review

Imagine dreaming of something, perhaps a solution to a problem, and then grabbing your crayon to draw it into reality. Dream of it, and it appears. All you have to do is pick up a crayon to make it happen.

That's exactly the idea behind this new hardcover, approximately 40-page, book that will send your child's imagination soaring. I was fortunate enough to receive this new children's book from Peter Pauper Press for review in exchange for my opinion.

The author and illustrator is Hyeon-Ju Lee who is a young artist from Korea. This book is her very first children's picture book, and she's already won an Opera Prima Mention for the Bologna Ragazzi Award 2012, which awards authors and illustrators for the best designed books in the world.

The book begins with a girl named Mina, sitting inside on a cold winter's day. It is gloomy outside, and so she begins to color just to brighten her day. When she does, she notices that the things she draws come to life. And, the adventure begins. 

This book would be fun to sit and read aloud at bedtime, or during a dreary day. Or, it would make a really fun early reader book for a child to sound out words. With crayon in hand, the story could even accompany a fantastic day of art lessons.

Find this book at book retailers for $17.99 in the children's section, and let the creativity begin while you warm you and your child's heart inside on a cold, gloomy day.

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