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Friday, September 11, 2015

TOS Review - Stinky Kid Math

Stinky Kid Math Review

I was thrilled to get a chance to review a six-month subscription to the entire Stinky Kid Math website for up to 3 children, from Stinky Kid Math.

What is Stinky Kid Math?

Stinky Kid Math is an online math instruction site that uses videos to teach Pre-Algebra through Geometry skills. The site also offers books, worksheets, and games.

It is set up, so you can choose to start with a particular skill level or to view all of the lessons in order.

There is also an option to select Math Games.

The skill level choices are:
  • Foundational Algebra (Pre-Algebra to Algebra I)
  • Complex Algebra (Algebra I and II)
  • Geometry
The site is intended to help students and parents. Everything is online. It can be used as a full curriculum but is not certified as an official common core math site, so there may be small gaps if you follow common core standards. It works best when the student takes notes while watching the video sessions and then re-watch as often as needed and work the practice sheets.

There are three basic ways to use the site:
  1. Search for a topic, use the navigation tree, or use browsing buttons on main screen
  2. Go systematically through each lesson under a specific topic.
  3. View all of the lessons in order and work through each lesson.

How Did We Use It?

I logged on and took a look before handing it over to my children to try out. When I got the review, I thought it would be my 8th Grade daughter who would be using this. However, when I took a look at what it offered, I realized that my son would actually benefit most. With a few exceptions, the videos were mostly between 30 seconds to several minutes long, so I decided it would work best if I had him start with the first lesson and view a few a day until he encountered information he was not familiar with, and then, he would slow down to focus on that particular skill until he mastered it and moved on.

What Did We Think?

I really appreciated that the online lessons were well done. I was surprised at how much information was packed into each session, but it was done in a way that the student understands it and not in an overwhelming way.

As a parent/teacher, I appreciate that the site is also helpful for parents to learn math concepts in order to help my child. There is not much in life that is more frustrating than a parent and a child fighting over how to solve a math problem. It is one of the first fights I remember having with my mom when I was in third or fourth grade, over division. To this day, I can still do division just fine and so can she, but we will never do it the same way.

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