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Friday, October 30, 2015

Free Fall Harvest Fest or Halloween Candy Wrapper Topper Printables

OK, I realize that Halloween is a controversial holiday for many. Even in our house, we typically call it Harvest Fest and avoid the scary and grotesque costume options. We don't even go trick or treating but have attended local churches who host fall family festivals on that day. We have struggled with whether or not, as a Christian, we should even acknowledge the day. But, that is probably a discussion for another post and time.

There are those, and I have fallen into this category in the past, who choose to stay home and hand out candy for the sole purpose of spreading the Gospel of Christ through Halloween tracts (with some great candy, please), or by creating some very attractive treat bags that bring the whole neighborhood of kids flocking to your door to receive. When they get the candy and open up their bags at home later to sort - They also get the Good News message attached. What they do with it from there, is up to them. But, families who choose this option feel good that they have added their own style of light to the night.

For now, I wanted to share some cute candy wrapper/topper freebies that you can download and print to add to your trick-or-treat candy that you give out, either at your door, at a party, or for your own children one-on-one. For starters, there are some cute ideas in this article, Halloween freebies for Christian homeschoolers.

I've searched the web and come up with these blogs and sites that are offering free candy wrapper/topper printables.

Find my own fast creation here. Note: This one is just the design. You will need to adjust it accordingly to the size of your candy. But, as is should create a decent candy bag topper.

Click on the huge picture for the pdf.

Or visit my WordPress blog for the download.

GuildCraft offers tons of fall craft templates and a great pdf ready-to-print Christian candy bar wrappers.

Candy toppers that tell the whole Gospel story on the back from Sip Mom.

Christian candy bar wrappers.

Crazy Little Projects - Candy bar wrappers, both mini (so-called FUN sized, but we all know there's nothing fun about a one-bite candy bar) and the full-sized wrappers.

Cute little Christian-themed Candy Corn book and paper bag pumpkin craft.

Or, enjoy the 10 Kinds of Candy that Every Christian Household Needs.

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