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Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Bible Verse Linkup - Which Bible Verse Describes You?

OK, so there are these little quizzes on Facebook. Every so often, one of them will catch my attention and I can't resist. That was the case with the one that asked: "Which Bible Verse Describes You?"

This was my result, and the screenshot made it perfect to share on this Scripture Memory Verse Weekly Linkup.  The scripture couldn't have been more perfect. I remember a time in my 20's when I was wandering with a not-so-edifying crowd. My mom would pray for me constantly. She would pray a hedge of protection around me.

Well, I had never herd that phrase, "a hedge of protection", so in my 20-like rebellion stage, I resisted it and thought it sounded strange. Then, one night while I was out with "friends", a stranger came up to me and we were talking. Out of the blue, he said to me:

No one is going to harm you. It's like you have this hedge of light and protection all around you.

Out of the mouths of a stranger, I knew exactly where that hedge was coming from. It was my mom's prayers being answered. At the time, it made me angry, but as I matured and came back closer to God and His ways, I realized how precious the prayers of my mom were. They quite literally saved my life.

If you are a Facebook user, take the quiz for yourself at en.nametests.com.

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