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Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Things That Make Me Happy 101

One Mother's Day, I had the privilege of listening to a woman talk about how her life changed when she was introduced to a book about a thousand blessings. She began her own blog, after reading the book, to record all of her thousands of blessings. Last I saw, I think she's into the 6,000's or so.

Her talk inspired me, but I just never did anything about it other than change my thinking to positive rather than negative when viewing the world....  Which is not so easy for me. I tend to look at things in a sarcastic manner turned cynical over the years. While, I try to be the encourager in the room full of people and not the one to complain or tear down, I often think otherwise when it comes to my own life or when evaluating myself.

I recently began to list the things in life that bug me - That I don't like. On that list are things that many of my friends enjoy, and I love these people nonetheless. But, rather than to dwell on the things I don't like, even if that list may not be extremely long, I am starting this blog series of things that make me happy - Blessings, if you will, in my life.

I will start my list in no particular order, and I honestly have no idea how long the blog series will last. But, for the first week, I will number the things that come to mind. So, here goes:  Things That Make Me Happy 101 (or 1-101):

  1. Crisp fall days
  2. Being able to snuggle in a sweatshirt without feeling too warm
  3. avacados
  4. My family
  5. A clean sink
  6. Watching my son learn new computer languages
  7. Watching my daughter's delight in the color pink
  8. Elephants
  9. My child's delight in elephants
  10. Waking with no headache
  11. Wisconsin
  12. acoustic guitar music
  13. watching my hubby perform music and entertain
  14. A van that runs
  15. When people are kind
  16. Backstage passes
  17. When my sewing machine works and the tension doesn't mess up the bobbin
  18. Standing with no pain
  19. Watching my child learn a new fact or skill
  20. Getting through a day of school without any incident or complaint
  21. Revolutionary sugar cookies
  22. Rain on a day when I have no outside plans
  23. My child's friends
  24. Coffee black
  25. When they get my order right and don't add sugar to my iced tea
  26. A clean living room
  27. A cozy chair to sit in
  28. My hubby voluntarily rubbing my feet
  29. Christians who haven't sold out or bought into bringing modern culture into the church
  30. Music from my childhood/teen years
  31. Easy-to-remember Christian tunes from childhood, like Ho-ho-ho-hosanna, ha-ha-hallelujah
  32. Freedom to act goofy
  33. Laughter
  34. Pizza
  35. Flip Flops
  36. The Beach
  37. Blue Harbor in Sheboygan, WI
  38. Holland Dunes in MI
  39. Sleeping Bear Dunes in Traverse City, MI
  40. The Great Lakes
  41. The UP
  42. Waterfalls
  43. No traffic
  44. Ice Water
  45. Apple Cider
  46. My Ninja Blender for Smoothies
  47. My Jack La Lanne Juicer
  48. Strawberries
  49. Whipped Cream
  50. Pumpkin Pie
  51. Pictures
  52. My camera
  53. Pumpkin Butter
  54. Bagels Toasted with Cream Cheese
  55. Quiet
  56. Earbuds to Drown Out Loud Annoying Conversations at Panera Bread or Starbucks
  57. Getting Paid
  58. Selling Things on eBay
  59. My Workout Room
  60. My Free Treadmill
  61. Tutus
  62. My Workout Ball Turned Office Chair
  63. Drawing
  64. Coloring
  65. Creating Art
  66. Chocolate
  67. French Fries
  68. A Good Hair Day
  69. A Cozy Bed
  70. Time Alone with Hubby
  71. Potato Chips
  72. Brussel Sprouts
  73. Salad (Really)
  74. Olives of any Variety, especially black olives
  75. American Girl Dolls
  76. Dolls
  77. Hobby Lobby
  78. Disney
  79. Cinderella
  80. Girl Meets World
  81. Writing my Heart Out (Not on Demand)
  82. Kind Words
  83. Paying off a Bill
  84. Hotel Rooms
  85. Walking on the Beach
  86. Cleaning up my basement
  87. Organizing
  88. Planning
  89. Calendars
  90. Free Stuff
  91. Clothes that fit
  92. Healthy parents
  93. Cute dog pics
  94. Compliments that are sincere
  95. Not living in the states I dislike
  96. Sitting with a cup of coffee on a deck that overlooks Lake Michigan or Lake Superior
  97. Going on tour with hubby and kids
  98. Sleep
  99. Good dreams
  100. Somehow Jesus still love me, and God is still on the throne
  101. Blue eyes

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