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Thursday, March 17, 2016

This is How Homeschooling Looks During Robotics Competitions

Last week, my son and his robotics team attended his second robotics competition. The teams are for high school aged kids, and he is now a sophomore. This year, his team was jammin! They ended up 2nd overall and are now in 4th place in our state. They are headed for the championships in April. We are beyond excited!

His contribution to the team this year was writing the scouting program in C# code. It looked really good, and I wish I had a screenshot of the GUI (Graphic User Interface) so you could see. It turned out really nice, and they ended up needing the information the program gathered, because the team was 2nd rank going into the semi-finals.

This little introvert in me (and him) are still recovering from all the long days down at the arena. But, it was all worth it.



This was taken during the day of set up, so the stands are empty because they are all in the pit preparing for competition the next day!

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