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Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Puppy Dog Easter Egg Hunt

Maybe because today is National Puppy Dog Day, or maybe it's because my daughter prepared this adorable photograph for me, using a free-license Morguefile pic and fancying it up a bit, or maybe it's because I had a post planned to write for another source, but they're not posting again until after Easter, so I don't want it to go to waste. Either way, it's time for a Puppy Dog Easter Egg Hunt.

We know that the religious celebration of Easter isn't about a bunny hiding eggs with candy inside, but rather about a risen savior, Jesus the Christ, and some even prefer to refer to the holiday as Resurrection Sunday. Still, running around a lawn trying to pick up tiny colorful plastic eggs filled with candy only to stuff as many as possible into a small kid-sized basket is fun, if nothing else, to watch.

Kids go on Easter egg hunts. They find candy-filled eggs and enjoy finding them hidden, sometimes in plain view. But, your four-legged friend enjoys adventure too. Get your dog in on the Easter egg hunting game. 

Chocolate, however, and other candy is not so good for dogs. Don't despair, your pup can still run around and look for colorful eggs just like you. Only, instead of candy inside - Use dog treats.

Small dog biscuits or other bite-sized treats fit perfectly inside the eggs. Your little furry friend might also enjoy eating the insides of those eggs you color as a lunch-time partial meal or snack.

Though your dog has probably watched your kids run around hunting for eggs, it still probably will not come natural for the little guy or gal. The first time out, you may need to show him or her how the game is played. Walk around making a game out of it and revealing hidden treasures of colorful eggs and then break them open to reveal the treats. After a few attempts, your dog may become a pro at hunting down those Easter eggs. If not, gather them up yourself and reward your pet anyway.

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