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Monday, March 28, 2016

Indoor Easter Egg Hunt With Teens And Other Resurrection Day Traditions

So, this weekend was Easter. Even though, I prefer to refer to it as what it really is - Resurrection Sunday, the day we celebrate Jesus the Christ, our Savior and Messiah, raising form the dead and giving us hope for eternal life. While I celebrate some family traditions, I personally have some deep beliefs that surround Easter, and I realize that there are Christians who don't embrace the holiday at all because of an assumed connection with paganism and spring. I don't want to go into detail here, but my personal beliefs are not intended in any way to ever give glory to a bunny or a pagan goddess. I also don't believe in the timeline of the traditional Good Friday to Sunday celebration, but rather that the crucifixion took place on a Wednesday special Sabbath. He was in the grave for a full 3 days, I believe, and rose early Sunday morning or sometime after the sun set on the Sabbath Saturday. Ultimately, my hope is that Jesus and his resurrection is glorified and that the truth of Resurrection Sunday is that Jesus conquered death and took our sins upon himself as our sacrificial lamb. In the mix of this, here's our traditions and a little bit of fun.

We have a few traditions in our house. It starts with the hunt to get three Easter baskets plus fill tons of eggs with candy without going broke. This always leads to me getting my Peeps fix.

on Good Friday, so it's called. We color eggs.

Of course, one of our traditions is attending church services. This Sunday was different for us, because I had the preschool class at our church. So, my youngest helped me with the class while my older two sat in on the service where my hubby performed on the worship team, as always.

Before we leave for church, we have a tradition of taking an Easter picture in front of the bradford pear tree in front of our house. A few years ago, I realized that to get one good picture, I needed to just keep clicking when I said smile. Then, I let them loose and shot - "Say JESUS!" WAHOO JESUS ROSE FROM THE DEAD!!!! And, they jump. Also, I want to note that my teenage son's hair is wet from the shower. I was just thrilled that he made it on time and not in shorts and t-shirt. So, don't judge!

After church, we had turkey - no ham for us - and, it had started to rain, so we had our egg hunt inside this year. With teens in the bunch, I was happy to see they wanted to participate at all.  We filled 212 eggs, and found 210. My hubby fills some of them with goofy things to make them laugh - like a potato chip and an empty candy wrapper.

They, then turn in their "golden egg" with is an egg wrapped in aluminum foil. In return, they receive their Easter basket.


Then, we watch Veggie Tales the Easter Carole. We cry every time.

This is how a teen age boy looks hunting for eggs.

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