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Monday, March 14, 2016

TOS Review - Demme Learning's Math-U-See PreCalculus Digital Packs

Demme Learning Math U See Review   Demme Learning Math U See Review
Demme Learning Math U See Review
My son is in high school now, and that means he is doing high school level math which shouldn't be an issue other than the fact that this son resists all traditional learning. So, you can understand how excited I was to get a chance to review the new Digital Packs from Demme Learning's Math-U-See - Specifically, my son got to work with the PreCalculus Digital Pack.

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What are the Digital Packs from Math-U-See?

Math-U-See is a part of Demme Learning Company. The company is family owned by the Demme family and was started by Steve Demme who was a school teacher and a pastor. He began to create his own teaching style using multi-sensory learning, hands-on math manipulatives and worksheets that were intended to be completed alongside an engaged parent. The concept was a hit with his students and with the parents, and he gradually created his own curriculum that has been serving the needs of homeschoolers since 1990.

Math-U-See takes the concepts of math and presents them in a unique approach. For the lower levels, they heavily use math manipulatives and video instruction. You work your way up and eventually get to the higher levels. The company has had books and video instructions on DVDs, but now they have also introduced Digital Packs.

The Digital Packs have taken the information found on the lesson DVDs and made the accessible online through the Math-U-See site. Everything is right there in one spot. Alongside these online video lessons are links that take you to other resources that correspond with each lesson, such as the Lesson Summary - Lesson Solutions - Test Solutions and - Additional Resources. There is the complete text from the Instruction Manual in PDF format and answer keys to lessons found in the student work text and the Instruction Manual. There are also resources such as a record keeping sheet and other Math-U-See resources, like printable graph paper.

I received the Pre-Calculus digital pack online access as well as the physical set of instructor book, student work text, tests and DVDs. I was amazed and over-the-top excited to have the books, the DVD and the online access.

Demme Learning Math U See Review

Demme Learning Math U See Review
The Digital Packs for Pre-Calculus consisted of an Introduction plus 30 lessons, all of the instruction and worksheets you needed for each lesson plus tests and answer key solutions to the tests.

How Did We Use It?

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I sat down with my High School sophomore son and logged onto the site, pulled up the lessons and watched with him, pausing the video where he had questions and otherwise continuing to let the lesson play as necessary. At the end of the lesson, my son began work on the student text. He used the physical book we had received for this. I then checked his work and continued to the next lesson at the next session.

What Did We Think?

My son found the instruction presentations to be easy to understand. He really liked the way each new skill was explained. Even though this particular child has always been a natural when it comes to math, I was actually pretty amazed that Pre-Calculus was actually making sense to my 15-year-old. The digital pack was handy with everything right at our fingertips. I like the layout of the video alongside the links to additional information needed to complete each lesson. This came in very handy when my son had an occasional question that he asked me to help him with.

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