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Monday, April 4, 2016

To The Man in Traffic Who Felt The Need to Curse Me... It Wasn't About You!

I'm writing down my thoughts because I'm still shaken up a bit and can't clear my head of tears and aftershock until I get it all out. This morning, while hurrying to get my daughter somewhere on time, a man in the car in front of me on a road suddenly stopped. So, I stopped quickly so as not to rear-end him. He then drove forward to the entrance of the next street and pulled over a bit so as to block the entrance. So, I stopped behind him.

At this point, I wasn't sure why he was stopping like that, and I was a bit concerned as to why he was stopping like that - was he lost? Was he a police officer? Would he suddenly start again as I began to pass. So, I just sat there for a moment. That's when it happened.

He rolled down his window and began to curse at me, using one word in particular that used to be considered THE worst word. By today's standards, however, it's used as an every other word exclamation for some.

As he began to scream, I don't even know what else he said. But, I assume he thought I was riding his tail and going too fast coming up on his bumper. While I admit I was in a hurry, I didn't think I was tailgating anyone to the point of getting them all upset.

But, I made the decision to pass him and continue on to my destination so my daughter wouldn't be late.  I did so cautiously and worrying that he would try to rear-end me once I drove away.

I made it on time, barely, and dropped off my daughter. But, then I pulled over into an out-of-the-way parking space and just sat there stunned, shaken, and feeling like crying, worried that my brakes or tires were damaged in some way from the sudden stop and hoping he didn't notice my little girl in the car or somehow try to come back to where I had dropped her off and cause a bigger scene.

Maybe I was coming up on him faster than he was comfortable with, or maybe you were going way too slow. But, honestly, I wasn't riding his tailgate bumper. If I were, I probably would have crashed into him when he stopped like that so suddenly. Though, perhaps it was merely by the Grace of God that no accident occurred.

What did happen is that it left me shaking, and it made me cry. Partially, it made me cry because I hate the idea that I may have ruined someone's day simply because he thought it was all about him - That I had some reason to run up on him and run his mid-sized luxury vehicle off the road with my minivan.

No - This wasn't about you, sir!

It was merely about my trying to get my daughter to where she needed to be - Safely and on time. See, when I left the house, she was upset thinking we would be late. She was crying and frustrated. I didn't think we would be horribly late, if at all, but I was doing all I could to get there on time for her sake. If that came off as driving recklessly in anyway, I guess all I can say is that you don't know me. I am a very safe driver, and am not known to take chances - especially not with a child in the car.

No - This wasn't about you, sir!

You were only in front of me for a short stretch of road, and the only real frustration I felt towards you was when you took so long turning at the stop sign. But, I wasn't out to punish you or pay you back. In fact, there was distance between us after the stop sign because a truck at the intersection also hesitated even longer than you had.

No - This wasn't about you, sir!

I was not out to run you off of the road. I don't even know you, and believe me it was nothing personal.

I worried that I somehow unaware ruined your day, but what happened in return is that you ended up ruining mine. When I stop shaking and the feeling to cry subsides, I wish you a happy day and thank the Lord that your sudden stop didn't cause an accident and most of all I'm happy that my daughter arrived safely and on time to her destination.

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