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Wednesday, June 22, 2016

TOS Review - My School Year Homeschool Record Keeping

MySchoolYear.com Review, #hsreviews #recordkeeping #homeschoolorganization, Homeschool, Record keeping, Tracking, Reporting, Planning, Organization, Transcripts, Report Cards, High school, Lesson plans
#hsreviews #recordkeeping #homeschoolorganization, Homeschool, Record keeping, Tracking, Reporting, Planning, Organization, Transcripts, Report Cards, High school, Lesson plans

I often find that record keeping is a necessity to maintain the legal requirements and documents of my children's eduction, but I rarely find it to be fun, so I was anxious to get a chance to review My School Year (Homeschool Record Keeping) from MySchoolYear.com. MySchoolYear.com claims to make record keeping easy, set up with annual online memberships. It's goal is to make record keeping so easy that it will allow you to create your children's school year and records in less than 5 minutes. This sounded great to me, and I was happy to try it out.

What is My School year (Homeschool Record Keeping)?

I received an annual membership. This online subscription provides homeschool records at your fingertips, anywhere on the go or at home, and allows you to create lesson plans, transcripts, report cards, course descriptions, and other homeschool documentation. It also generates:
  • Reports such as High School Transcripts
  • Automated grading and report cards
  • Attendance tracking
  • Scheduling
  • Homeroom visual record keeping charts
There are many features, such as the Planbook that allows you to mark your lessons complete, reschedule, or modify lessons to fit your needs. Know what is overdue, up-to-date, or needs to be completed with one glance.

One of the most convenient features is the search, filter, and sort options that allows you to find lesson plans and classes. There is also a Teacher's Aide homeschool helper that walks you through every step and takes the guesswork out of record keeping.
My School Year Homeschool Record Keeping allows you to share lesson plans with others, search and customize to your needs. Receive e-mail updates that are sent to you or your students.

How Did We Use It?

I logged on and set up my homeschool, providing information about students and classes. I slowly began to add details of classes, use the planning tools that allowed me to assign lessons over the course of the school year without having to manually do the math of how many lessons would be needed each day to finish the curriculum, and I gathered the information I needed to enter course descriptions for my high schooler and was excited to set up the high school transcripts.

I think this Create-A-Plan was my favorite part of the program. You can choose to divide up the lessons evenly or create a pre-selected number of lessons.

After creating the classes, you have the option of selecting from several actions of editing the class details, viewing grades, using the lesson plan tools, adding or viewing lessons, Create-A-Plan, or copying lessons.

Under the My Homeschool tab, you can select from Homeroom, Planbook, Reports, Teacher's Aid, Tools, Set Up, or manage your account, or log off.

The menu selection expands under the Tools and Set Up options. You are also able to select from tools such as copy classes/lessons, copy reading log list, Create-A-Plan, reschedule lessons, or track attendance.

Under each child's name, you are able to select Extra Curricular Activities, Standardized Tests, Attendance, Awards, Events, Reading Log, or Classes for that specific child.

You are given the options of generating several reports:

The program offers a lot of help to make the set up job easier. If you leave off information when setting up classes, etc., you will receive notifications as to what needs to be fixed.

Under the reports, there is the ability to enter materials that are lesson plan based.

I set up my children's courses to begin this coming school year, so the reports are all marked IP, In Progress, with no final grades. It still gives you an idea of what the reports look like. They are generated in PDF format which makes it easy to then print.

What Did We Think?

This online record-keeping/planner system has some nice features. Of course, as with any logging program, the most tedious and difficult part is setting it up. Once you get beyond the set up, the next most important step is to remember to input the information as lessons are completed. Overall, I really liked the planning tools that made it easier to enter assignments, I thought it offered a nice variety of report generating, which all look very official and are easy to print in PDF format. I really like that it generates a report card and transcripts after you input the information.

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