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Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Perfect New Years Eve Family Play Kaboom Game Review

Get ready to have a blast long before the New Year's Eve noisemakers begin. Kaboom from Blue Orange Games is just what you need to turn your New Year's Eve gathering into a fun time for kids and grownups alike. I received this game in exchange for my honest review.

Kaboom is intended for 2 to 5 players, ages 6 and up. It is a fast flying and quick building game. Construction and Destruction are at the heart of the strategy. Each player takes turns and plays their hand at being a construction building artist who aims to build as many wooden towers as they can before the time runs out on the sand timer. In the meantime, the other players are preparing to sabotage your work. They will attempt to knock down your towers with their catapults.

The game takes approximately 20 minutes per round to play.

One player plays the part of a master architectural builder, while the other players shoot their catapults to try to knock down the towers.

The game box contains:

1 set of illustrated rules
1 sand timer
1 mega tower tile
25 small tower tiles
16 wooden tower blocks
4 wooden catapults
9 wooden ammunition dice blocks
1 sticker sheet

Each player takes turns being the builder and following the pictures on the cards to design the towers before the time runs out. Meanwhile, it is the goal of the other players to knock down what the one builder is constructing. Everyone gets a turn at building, and everyone gets a turn at catapulting the towers down.

It is a fast-moving game that is sure to generate laughter! It's a really fun way to start the new year or to prepare for an exciting birthday or other party game throughout the year!

Of course, Blue Orange Games are fun but also serve more purpose than entertainment. Kaboom combines elements of cooperation and competition through play. This style of playing helps to build:

Fine motor skills
Focus and attention
Problem solving
Visual perception
Processing speed

The game's creators are also the creators of an award-winning game!

Get it in time for New Years Eve - Find a Blue Orange Toy Retailer near you!

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