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Monday, February 27, 2017

Homeschool Review Crew - Math Mammoth Light Blue Series

In our household, math is a curious thing. One child thrives on geometry, another is a natural but absolutely hates sitting down to lessons, and the third child is a bit behind and terrified to progress onto higher level mastery. Needless to say, any help I can get with math, I jump at, so I was thrilled to get a chance to review the Light Blue Series from Math Mammoth. We focused on The Light blue Series Grade 3. The Light Blue Series is the full math curriculum that includes Student Text A and B which includes the instruction in blue boxes on the pages, tests and answer keys, cumulative reviews, printouts for fractions and currencies, etc., links to online math learning games, and a worksheet maker.

Other Homeschool Review Crew members received the Blue Series for review, which is a math supplement that offers worktexts focusing on specific skills.

This video sums it up well:

What is the Light Blue Series from Math Mammoth?

Affordable Quality Math {Math Mammoth }, #hsreviews, #mammothmath, #homeschoolmath, homeschool math, Mammoth Math, Individual Math Units
Affordable Quality Math {Math Mammoth }, #hsreviews, #mammothmath, #homeschoolmath, homeschool math, Mammoth Math, Individual Math Units

I received Grade 3 of the Light Blue Series in PDF downloaded form. The Light Blue Series is the full curriculum for the year. It is set up to almost be self teaching because the instructions are printed directly on the student pages. It uses visual models and exercises to emphasize mental math and number sense focused on the idea of mastery and conceptual understanding with chapters that are organized by topic. With the instructions printed directly on the student's work pages, there is very little teacher preparation needed and is almost completely self teaching.

Affordable Quality Math {Math Mammoth }, #hsreviews, #mammothmath, #homeschoolmath, homeschool math, Mammoth Math, Individual Math Units

The book is set up in two sections: A and B and have a total of 10 chapters that gradually progress in topic and level of difficulty. The chapters in Grade 3 cover:

How Did We Use It?

My daughter's grade level has always been a borderline thing because her birthday is late September putting her in one grade if she were to go to public school and another based on her ability to learn. However, math is a subject that she has taken her time progressing in. I was excited to get a chance to review this curriculum because her current math curriculum is close to coming to a close with months of the school year remaining. I thought it would be great to just move into the new curriculum. I looked it over and got her started with the topic she struggles with the most - multiplication.


As another part of this review, I was offered the opportunity to use the curriculum planner that set forth lesson plans and imported them directly to my Homeschool Planet from Homeschool Buyers Coop planner. If you have a Homeschool Planet through Homeschool Buyers Coop planner membership, I would highly recommend using this as it made the lesson planning go so smoothly. If you decide to purchase Math Mammoth and already use Homeschool Planet, be sure to tap into the planning benefits. The lesson plans are available for less than $10 at the Math Mammoth site. If you don't have Homeschool Planet, I'd suggest you also try the Homeschool Planet for free to get the lesson plans used side-by-side with Math Mammoth.

What Did We Think?

Of course, for my elephant-obsessed loving daughter, it never hurts that the Math Mammoth curriculum has a wooly mammoth as its logo. Aside from that, which is no small deal to my daughter. The picture of the elephant wooly mammoth alone was enough to get her interested, I prefer workbooks that are pre-printed, but we put the pdfs to good use printing off only what we needed and reading the introductions and such onscreen. The only possible con was that using the math game online links often took me to a site that required Adobe Flash, but these games are mostly supplemental additional practice, so this didn't bother me too much. I really like how the curriculum focuses on one topic at a time and really love that the instructions are clearly printed on the student's work pages leaving me with next to no teacher prep needed. Another thing that I loved is that the work pages are in full color.


Read what other members of the Homeschool Review Crew thought by clicking on the picture below:

Affordable Quality Math {Math Mammoth Reviews}

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